Trimming... Wet or Dry?

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  1. Hey guys just looking to see how people prefer to trim wet or dry? Also what trimming machines and rigs you all are using. Im looking to purchase something to help me trim that isn't too expensive and doesn't mangle my buds. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. I used to do dry...but a thread like this came up a while back and aloooot of people did wet and suggested I try it....I did and now I do it wet. :love-m3j:
  3. What do you use to trim?
  4. I prefer wet trimming over dry. It's messier but I get better looking buds than when I dry trim.

    I use standard gardening trimmers to trim with. I don't have experience with machine trimmers, but I've read that they beat up the buds and damage trichomes in the process.
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  5. Right I’ve read that to so you trim everything by hand? How long does it take you to trim a P?
  6. Wet and by hand. Takes a while. Bring your friends. Just my 2cents
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  7. How long does it take you to trim? How does it work you trim it before you dry the bud out for like a week? So if I cut down and start trimming and it takes me 2 days to trim. Then I dry them out for the week and then cure?
  8. Trim as fresh and crispy as possible.. Don't let it even get wilted and limp before you trim it..
    Don't cut them all down and trim for 2 days.. Cut what branches you can trim in the next hour, trim that, and then go cut some more..
    Trim them upside down with pointy scissors and snip at the bases of whatever you are cutting off as close to the stalk as possible..

    Trimming completely by hand I think I can trim about a pound of dry product per day or so..

    Trimming machines are never as good of a trimmer a I am, maybe faster but not the quality, and can trim only loose buds.. I think trimming entire branches to hang is superior to trimming individual buds to lay on screens..

    If you think you need a trimming machine then you better get a lot of screens ready to dry on.. A lot..
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  9. Im currently using this cuz i needed one and didnt have money....but Im gonna get a better one is I don't like it...but it was cheap
  10. @GrowQs I appreciate all the info. I am thinking about getting the trim bin to trim in. Now im going to be drying out in the same tent as I grow in. So how would you attack that? Just take the lights out and hang the buds above what is left of the Crop? I run hydro so after I flush for 2-3 days should I have no water in my system while im trimming if it takes me 2 days for say right?
  11. Last season I wet trimmed this little Panama plant before cutting. Due to its size and how open its structure was, it was actually easier to do a topiary job on it. Not bad yield for a little plant -- almost 4 ounces yield under Viparspectra LEDs and in soil.
    Panama happy final trim 3 days before harvest (6).JPG
    The only untrimmed bit is by the purple yarn where I attempted to pollinate one branch. It didn't pollinate. Down side, no seeds. Up side, no seeds. :D
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  12. @Didactylos I’m growing 4 plants under (2) 1200w viparspectras full spectrum. I just bought 6 qb96Elites with 3 HLG-320H-54A drivers. Looking forward to the build and upgrade. Here are my plants right now at week 5 of flower.

    Also do a lot of people trim like this? Or really looking to get a plan set in place of how I’m going to trim. I think I’m going to go with what @GrowQs said. But I need answers on those above questions in my last comment.

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