Trimming the fan leaves?

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  1. I just trimmed off 4 fan leaves off of my biggest plant. I have 3 plants in an AeroGarden and the biggest one was hogging all the light. I only trimmed leaves that were shading the other two plants, so they're pretty much all in tact on one side, and not so many on the other.

    When a plant is starting to flower (both biggest plants are already females with several budding sights) does it hurt at all to trim the fan leaves? As long as they have at least one solid layer does it really matter? I also trimmed some to let the smaller branches at the bottom get some light too.

    I hope this doesn't slow down the budding process, I know it won't kill it. Should you only remove them from the bottom branches or is removing them from the top okay too?
  2. Why are you asking this question?
    If i said 'no don't trim off the fan leaves', are you going to stick them back on with super glue?
    Why do something you can't undo, and then ask, "is it alright to do it?".
    The fan leaves are there for a reason, they make and store sugars/energy for the plant. The under side of the fan leaves are the only way the plant can take in Co2.
    You shouldn't cut off big healthy fan leaves. Get string and tie them away from the up and coming buds.
    If you are using a HID, nature designed fan leaves to let a certain percent of the lumens thru, to get to the underneath leaves.
  3. john talks the truth man, always tie em back or what ever, may not look great but that dont matter

    didnt know that about Co2 though, interesting
  4. Because I have 3 plants and I haven't done anything to the other two, and I've only trimmed 4 leaves off of this plants.
  5. They also release oxygen, respire (thats better).
  6. yea defo, dont they do that in their light period? then relese Co2 in the dark period? or am i way off lol (im still reading through my books got lot more to learn lol)

    OP if u can just find a way to tuck/tie/whatever ur leaves & u should be all good
  7. Okay, I'll keep that in mind and not remove anymore except unhealthy brown ones.
  8. I think the Co2 can also be released thru the leaves as a by product gas (if too much is built up), but mainly oxygen is released (and also taken in, when needed), i can't remember which happen in night or day, i'll have to do a bit of reading myself.
  9. oh right ok good & interesting to know, thanks, ive always loved the fact they produce oxygen (not just MJ plants) kinda like a healthly by-product lol
  10. thanks great link i always love a good read to educate myself lol & yea im with u on that about the enviroment especially with some of those outdoor plants ive seen, mayb one day it will even become another viable arguement for legalising if global warming keeps going how it is, we need as many options for oxygen production as poss
  11. I never trim, though I do sometimes tuck. I would imagine if the plants did not need the fan leaves they wouldn't grow them. I do know that late in flower when you cut the nutes off the plants cannibalize the nitrogen from all those big fan leaves like crazy. My guess is every fan leaf you cut is actually cutting your yield, but I'm no botanist.

  12. Yep, i agree.
    I sometimes see members with all there fan leaves chopped off, and them saying that they wanted the light to make their buds bigger.
    How can a plants buds get bigger if you cut off the food supply? I can't see sugar leaves supplying enough food to support the buds.
    So yes, i will agree, it will do more harm cutting off fan leaves.
  13. ive heard that with indoor lighting, the light isnt strong enough to penetrate to the lower leaves and thus the leaves toward the bottom are a mathematical disadvantage to the plant and should be cut off, is this true? ive ben contemplating trimming mine a bit
  14. i have heard that a plant uses the energy to grow those leaves. once grown they provide for the plant. they don't take away from it. in my case, (may not be correct by all growers) as the plant uses up all the nitrogen, those leaves begin to yellow and fall off... especially towards the end of flowering and what ever is left i pluck away about a week before harvest. only take those leaves if severely damaged.
  15. Mother nature has only had billions of years to figure out what is best for her babies. She's pretty much got it down. When we grow under artificial conditions she smiles and sighs, shakes her head a little and shows us mercy.
  16. Hey I understand removing leaves slows down the process a few days per couple leaves, but i have removed all fan leaves not attached to the colas and i must say it has slowed down growth but only hieght wise(and i have alot of colas for a 13" plant). She is still producing early flower sparkles, growing her white hairs in a few different spots, and photosynthesizing just fine. The only concern ive had is how much added time have i added to the cycle to even start producing the buds in some areas. will keep you posted. 
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    For all the people who go on and on about how mother nature knows how to do it right etc etc.
    Mother nature knows how to do it right yes, if "it" is grow in a way that promoted sexual reproduction and survival of the genetic line.
    If the "it" in question here is grow buds optimally then nature doesn't do it perfectly by any means, if it did there would be no need for topping or any type of stress training to get huge yields.
    Pruning does not harm healthy cannabis plants in veg or early flower, it only improves yield if done properly and not out of control.
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    ^Nope...... Wrong again.
    The only time you should trim fan leaves is after harvest. The plant does not grow them for no reason:

    And don't top your indoor plants, we have much better ways of doing it without slowing growth down.
  19. Cervantes can say all he wants, even the smartest and brightest can be wrong from time to time.

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