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Trimming scissors?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by CoreyP, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. What does everyone use to harvest with? I know just any old pair of scissors will work, but ive seen these little scissors made just for it. They dont have a handle like normal scissors and they are spring loaded so you dont have to open them. Opening and closing scissors that much really puts a cramp in your hand. Im not sure what they are called, does anyone know what im talking about? Or can someone suggest a good pair? Everything else i have its top of the line...lights, mircoscope, nutrients, etc. Why not have a good pair of scissors?
  2. Yeah, no matter what I used the scissors were completely glued with resin!

    i was using a real nice pair of beard and mustach trimmers. I like smaller scissors because I like to get into tight spaces and remove a leaf without messing with the bud around it....im a bit anal/ shrug:eek:

    Anyway, the only thing that seamed to work for me was to boil water and put it into a coffee cup and set the scissors in the water for a min., that helped take melt the resin off...
  3. Yuppers, small mustache scissors here too.(Your not the only one)But i like to scrape the resin off and ball it up.Very pure hashy taste.yum.:smoke:
  4. What im talking about dont really look like conventional scissors at all. I wish i could find a pic of them. If i can remember where i see them at ill be sure to show you guys. Theres nothing special about them or anything, they just look different.

    Wait, hash-face those are them!!! Those are what i was looking for!! i mean they arent exactly what i was talking about, but its the same concept. That same shape and everything. Sorry, i didnt even look at the link before i posted. Thanks man, those are what i was look for. I will also get some small mustache or beard scissors to get in the small spaces. And that site has everything im wanting.. like http://www.kaizenbonsai.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=21_44&products_id=132 I wont order from this site though, but now i know what i need to be looking for. Bonsai tools :)
  5. a $100 bucks. damn! I will just buy ok ones and see how they work
  6. Dang, Corey! Who would have guessed you could spend $400 on a pair of scissors?

    I personally use a set of poultry shears. It's strong enough to bite through the thickest stalk, yet can still snip each individual bud from the branch.
  7. Holy shit, $100?!?!? I didnt even look at the prices. Theres no way im paying that. I was just kinda showing you guys what scissors i was talking about. And that link that hash-face gave, http://www.kaizenbonsai.com/shop/pro...roducts_id=459 , they are like 1.50 pound. And i think thats about $4 US. I just like these scissors, they are very very comfortable that spring action is sooo nice. Its gets old having to open and close scissors hundreds and hundreds of times huh? Anyways, thanks for the links guys. Oh, i think these scissors are called defoliating scissors if anyone is interested. I know you can get them for a few buck instead of a few hundred :)
  8. ok, corey, i totally adore the sincerity and intelligence of your questions, so i am gonna give you some really brilliant advice (in my spare time i teach yoga to a few growers, the zen of gardening positions, AND I ALWAYS AM DEALING WITH HAND/WRIST INJURIES):


    1. they WEAKEN the muscles in your fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, which throws the shoulder out of line and eventually injures the trapezoids....ouch.

    in addition, i can always tell spring loaded trims, they are not as nice...look a bit lazier....like can still see fan leaf stems, ewwwwwww!


    here are some less expensive shears....just google bonsai shears and order away. (or, my favs are the green handled shears that hydrofarm distributes, call them, they will hook ya up, $10-$15....at first i liked the shorter blades, but i now love the longer ones)

    while we are on the subject, if you are trimming more than a couple hours, i would highly recommend scoring one of those hand strengthening toys that rock/ice climbers use....rei.com.

    and last, but not least...keep a cup of olive oil at your trim station...i keep a light coat on my hands, to avoid resin cakes (i'll let others suffer for the fingerhash) AND to clean scissors, dip in oil, light on fire and wipe, viola! clean. alcohol just dries more delicate hands out....cracking, ugliness. not good.

    happy harvest!
  9. Medical scissors.
  10. hmmm, med scissors (with the bulbous end thing-y?) dont work for me....coz the blunt end makes it difficult to dig in and FULLY remove primary stem. on top of that, they are heavy and clumsy.
  11. for those having problems with resin accumulating on snips and trimming devices...

    i saw a great product at the Michigan American Medical Marijuana Professionals show this weekend. a company was selling 4oz bottles of a special earth friendly cleaner that they include with there 'bucket trimmer'. the price was like five bucks. they were doing demos on dried up grungy stuff on cutters. i grabbed a card with sellers info. the email is [email protected]
  12. Wouldn't a little rubbing alcohol take care of the scissors once you were done harvesting? Has not really been mentioned here and always seems to work well for me.
  13. Yes, alcohol works fine. Olive oil for Your hands
  14. I used to only use Fiskars. Those spring loaded ones are nice. I got a pair at Micheals (a hobby store for old ladies). They have flexible handles so your hands don't get blisters from them. They were 16 bucks.
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  15. Fiskars Microtip for 14.99 or the titanium tip for 11.99 the way to go and they're spring action
  16. Use throw away gloves people, then you don't need the olive oil...razor blades are nice to scrape the scissors with, end up with some nice hash after all is said and done.

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