Trimming scissors getting sticky very fast?

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  1. Hey all, I have two pairs of the nice Chikamasa curved blade scissors. I got them from a guy on Craigslist a year and a half ago. Recently they're getting really sticky with kief after trimming just a bud or two. Wondering how normal this is. When I first got them I scraped the hash off with a razor blade until I learned about how that harms the coating. From then on I've used rubbing, letting one pair sit in a shot glass of it while I use the other one.

    Thinking of ordering 2 new pairs because it's become really annoying having to switch every 2 buds.
  2. Completely normal
  3. How often should you generally need to replace them? I suppose pounds of bud trimmed is a good metric. What are some ways to extend their life? Is olive oil better than rubbing alcohol?
  4. Denatured is the best for cleaning the sticky.
    I dip the scissors about every 5-10 seconds and keep on clipping.
  5. Sounds like they need to be replaced now. In future jus rub oil or alcohol in the blades and it will remove plant matter no sweat.

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  6. Is there a difference between that and normal rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol? Do you not wipe the alcohol off after dipping?
  7. I know there are gonna be some haters for this..... but the best thing I found was to wipe the cutters with oil (cooking/olive) oil leaving a VERY THIN coating of oil --- it keeps the cutters clean much longer. I figured this out when I stared using cooking oil to clean my hands instead of iso -- the iso would just spread all the stickiness around while the oil would take it off with a simple wipe with a towel. People are gonna complain about 'contamination'.... but there really isn't all that much oil as long as you wipe with a dry paper towel.

    There is a sweet spot when you have just enough oil on your hands that nothing sticks anymore. Clean the cutters with iso and wipe with a paper towel that has oil on it -- only wipe the blades (duh).
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