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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Don J, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I had to trim some fan leaves off, I was wondering if they would grow back, the plant is doing better without them now but I just want to know if they will grow back.


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  2. You have failed to inform the membership as to why you decided to cut the plants fan leaves off....?
    Leaves will grow back eventually, with a great amount off delay on the plant maturing, better for you to have a thorough understanding of botany before you make a fool of
    see leaves as food holders and makers, so cutting them of just denies food to the plant, ....yet more stress?
  3. I will inform you now, I had a large fan in the grow box they are in and didn't realize that is was on full so it snapped two fan leaves and I had previously asked in this forum if they would recover or if I should just cut them off and the response I got was to wait and see if they recover and if they don't cut them off. 
  4. Honest answer and I apologize for snapping at you, indeed sooner or later we growers do break bits of our plants, and surprisingly they are easy to fix with gaffer tape and comfort.
    Remove all and every bit of STRESS on your plant and she will repay you big time , with huge buds 

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