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  1. Is it ok for me to snip leaves off my plant while in flower.. Off the buds?
  2. Yeah sure

    just don't make a habit of it
  3. Is there a reason you want to do this?

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    • Yea my 1 dwc i fucked up bad.. The leaves around the bud sites were dieing n n shriveling... I dont know what to do with this 20170806_092850.jpg

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  4. Chop that down. Dry and cure it. Looks close to done if not done now. There's no fan leaves left so you have little to no photosynthesis anyways. Looks like it's been cut and drying already.
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  5. ^^ I agree.

    First grow using cfls.
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  6. Also OP I'd like to say something just for future grows... when you are growing and the plants start to get deficiencies and the leaves don't look perfect leave them on.. you want to correct errors before you start plucking away leaves imo.. but you are in late flower anyhow it's fine if they are dying off.

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  7. I've always heard sugar leaves photosynthesis better than fan leaves as they are thicker. Didn't see that first pic at first lol... looks like it doesn't have any leaves on it. Definitely time to chop that baby.

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  8. You may be right. I know a couple guys I watch on YouTube say their main function isn't photosynthesis. But even if that's true I'm sure they still do help out with it too.

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