trimming plant at one month into bud?

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  1. my plant is about a moneth into budding can you guys give me advice on trimminng the under branches with buds that are not doing much do to light isues? and also can i do all the triming at ponce or will that shock my lant at all? ill be standing by wateing for advice thank you o yea and will the other buds do better if i trim the lower stuff?
  2. generally cutting anything of the plant is a form of high stress meaning that this will stunt the plants growth...So instead of your plant working on flowering it will now be working on healing and repairing from the cuttings. The leaves are what absorb the light and transfer it into useful energy by a process of photosynthesis. So cutting off your plant will take away storage space for the useful energy absorbed during the lighting cycle. I would let your plant be
  3. Agreed!!! "You shuld leave your plants alone"

    Trim just before cutting/curing
  4. only time you need to cut anything off is if the leaf has over 50% damage on it. SO make sure you keep your leaves hit points up. LOL
  5. About 4 weeks into flowering I pull all the fan leaves off the bottom of my plant but dont touch the fan leaves a couple of nodes from the top of each bud site. This is for a plant that is heavily CFL'ed. The plant seems to love it and the bud sites on the lower parts of the plant are larger then they would be if you did not pull the fan leaves off.

    All the fan leaves do is suck the water up stem, if you leave sufficient fan leaves towards the top that are able to still draw the water up the stem then your plant can only benefit from the increase in light and does it no harm.
  6. my plant is doing awsome, and the buds are growing extremely fast, and i have been trimming it on pretty much a daily basis for the past 2 weeks. i trim off the leaves that block light to buds, and any leaves lower on the plant starting to turn yellow. it should only be another week to week and a half till i harvest, and i'll be expecting about a half ounce off my 16 inch plant.

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