Trimming off dead stuff during flower? Help!

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  1. Help! First time poster and newbie grower having a bad day on weekish 4 or 5 of flower period. I've lost a couple of buds to what I was at first sure was nutrient burn as it happened right after I gave them some liquid bloom at regular strength. But now I'm not so sure its nutrient burn as it's been a week and is getting worse. The majority of the plant looks healthy, but it will start by turning a leaf brown and killing it all the way back to the bud. I've read conflicting views if I should trim this dead stuff off or not? I don't want to stunt the plant by trimming or delay harvest because this is outside in Alaska in a greenhouse and winter is closing in. To trim or not to trim dead stuff? Is there still any hope for these girls? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    20190806_100245.jpg 20190806_100303.jpg
  2. Attaching a couple more pics if it helps 20190806_103529.jpg 20190806_103516.jpg
  3. Trimming of dead stuff yeah good

    much of the dead stuff is, fungi/mold and will easy infect others

    treat as radio active!!

    cover in plastic and snip off to reduce spores spreading

    good luck
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  4. Thanks for the help. I just went to town on trimming off the dead stuff per your suggestion. I guess I should have done it a week or more ago when I first noticed it, but thought it was nute burn at first. I found multiple buds with bud rot or some sort of fungus. Very sad to lose them. I'm thinking it's because we've had a long stretch of rainy humid cold weather, and I've been leaving the greenhouse closed up to try and retain heat more than usual. Bad idea. I'm venting it out now, and hopefully didn't spread the disease around too much while cutting it out. Hopefully can still get something out of this grow.
  5. Looks like bud rot, I’m sorry. Definitely cut that off, way off lol. Keep a close eye on them, it’ll spread like the flu.
    Good luck
  6. Do you think the bud rot will continue to take over after I've trimmed out all I can see? Will adding a little propane heater help? Warmer and drier weather should be on the way and hopefully that helps too. This is a huge bummer! I now feel stupid for letting it go untrimmed for close to a week but had read somewhere that trimming during flowering was bad.
  7. Propane heater may cause condensation, just make sure its well ventilated possibly a dehumidifier if you can’t get your humidity down

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  8. Yes it can absolutely happen again if the environment is the same. Can you get dehumidifiers in there instead of heaters? I would worry more about humidity than temperatures.
    Just keep an eye on them. I’d give them all a good going over if I were you.

    Edit: use gloves and be as aseptic as possible if you find more.

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