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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by floppingfish, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Can it be beneficial to trim the lowest leaves on a plant? You know, the ones that get all in the way when you water and the ones that end up stuck in the soil.

    They dont get much light anyway, they are in the way of watering and can develop problems if they sit in the soil all wet so would it really hurt anything?

    Just curious if anyone out there excercises trimming techniques on the lowest leaves of the plant.

    Thank you for any help

  2. Also, while i am in the area, should i worry about the soil level dropping over time?

    I have actually uncovered and can see some of my upper roots at or above the soil level but below the rockwool that the clone came in.

    Should I cover up and re-level the soil to cover the roots or let them be until I re-pot soon?

    I try to water around the whole pot as opposed to just around the stem but it isnt easily acheived with the watering containers I have used to far. Any watering techniques offered would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Your better off letting them fall off on their on (especially during the veg period). If they are receiving light then they are helping your plant...let it decide when to get rid of them.

    As far as in the way of water.... Im not really sure what you mean I watered the entire time out of a gallon jug. Lol it doesnt get more awkward then that I think :rolleyes:. But if they sit in the soil pull them up a your plant out a tad (brushing the soil and water of it so its not heavy) That just my opinion I guess.

    This happened to me its really not terrible (air pruning) but not ideal...when you repot give yourself a little room at the top so you can add a layer of soil so you can cover them up. Once it begins to dry and airs back up a bit. (Remember to cultivate top layer of soil EVERYDAY)

    As far as techniques I dont have any really. I get the gallon jug in one hand, pot in other, and slowly turn the pot as you water (hope this makes sense)...Hope this helps :wave:
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    Right on, thanks for the advice.

    I was just saying that it is getting crowded at the bottom of the plant. I dont like trying to find the main stem and I sort of see the leaves at the bottom as pointless (not much light getting to them) and in the way when I water.

    im definately going to top off with a bit of soil, i dont like seeing a big root not underneath the soil.

    also thinking about picking up some lazy susans too, I can turn them while I watering so other parts of the plant dont get jealous over the light.


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