Trimming Leaves?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 8ONE8, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. my skunk plant actually came out to be a female , and has some nugs here and there , would it be ok to trimm the leaves in order for the nugs to get a bit more light? and whats up with some leaves having some sorta white residue on them?
  2. Don't trim green leaves, especially in flower -- your plant is now or will need to rely on the nutrients it has stored in the leaves. Tie the leaves back or tuck them to get more light to a budsite. If that won't work then try cutting only the individual blades that are blocking the light rather than the whole fan.
  3. Can you explain that a bit more specifically?
  4. I that white residue is sticky then its trichs (crystals). If its rubs off dry thenits mold and you have a problem.

    Its probably trichs.
  5. Yeah man, just tie them back to the stem, so they can still absorb plenty of light themselves, but be out of the way of your BUD. Use a soft string, and be gentle, and the fan leaf won't notice the difference, but your bud sure will :)
  6. i was wondering that same question, but i have trimmed a few of the bigger fan leaves off, my question is will it hurt them in the flowering state since im growing outside and they have been flowering for about 2 weeks?
  7. Tie or tuck --

    There is no magic to how to do this, it's all about the goal of getting the leaf out of the way of the light so anything that accomplishes that will work. To tie you can use string, pipe cleaners, bent wire or paper clips, any number of things, just get a loop around the stem of the leaf you want pulled out of the way and anchor the other end to something (could be the side of the pot, a stake in the soil, even another branch on the plant). To tuck simply push the offending leaf under some other leaf or branch if something like that can be reached.

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