Trimming large / small buds at harvest

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  1. Colas and large buds are know to be the most potent for THC. I see that ALL the buds on my plants, even the very small ones, have trichomes all over them. I am currently in the process of a test comparing the cola with some very small buds to test this for myself. Have other folks done an actual test (not hear say) in this regard and seen a substantial increase in potency in the colas?
  2. If you don't lollipop you'll have lots of these, and they do have potency.
    I toss the ones that are to small to trim into a pile, sugar leaves and all.
    My guess is that if the flowers are 15%, then the larfy stuff is about 10%-12%.
    I have made edibles out of this stuff, and they are hit or miss, probably depending on bud ripening time.
  3. I trim anything with trichomes. when it goes in the grinder you can’t tell if it was larf or the top cola. When I smoke it I’ve never been able to tell the thc percentage. Unless the numbers matter for medical reasons, take your time to capture the beautiful trichomes you grew and really maximize your yield.

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