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  1. I Trimmed quite a bit before flower and let the plants recover for a week and the flowered. Now I'm a week and a half in and it got super bushy again. I trimmed the lower most leaves that were getting absolutely no light but there are still a lot more inner branches and little leaves that are still under the big leaves. The question is should i trim the little inner branches and leaves that don't get much light or leave them. I hear around the internet that trimming in flower can be bad, but i also hear having unnecessary growth can be bad. ill put some pictures at the end. They are kind of bad but form a overview of the plant and the bad picture of all the extra growth what do you guys think i should do. Also a second plant I'm growing not pictured is stretching pretty close to a led light, is this a problem or should i just let it go.

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  2. Nice is that an Auto? What strain?

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  3. Oh forgot its aurora indica and it's not auto. Begged for a long ass time like 7 weeks. Things were really slow at first, but I wanted a good yield so I let it go
  4. I'm a beginner, so I don't give advice but that's a nice Plant! I wouldn't touch it.

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    I'm growing the same strain! Sorry I thought you said it was an Auto! Here's pics of my Aurora auto from nivana. Good Luck someone will give you good feedback!!!!

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  6. [​IMG]

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  7. Hello, just let it go and it will sort itself out or You can trim some blades, not the whole leaf, just cut some blades in half...the plant will be fine.
    It looks nice and healthy:) since it's not an auto, you can do some LST on it before it really gets in to flower. Just enough to makes some room. [​IMG]
    You don't have to go to those extremes, but there's an idea.

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  8. Cool so i won't trim it. Dope plant too, you leaves look thicker than mine. mine grew kinda weird because i think i stunted it with cold and dry. I'll try to low stress train it too. I thought about it before but didn't because i thought it would kill a lot of the extra useless branches and would overall fuck the plant up. Should i not stress about that
  9. i thought it would kill leaves because the nodes were so close and so many branches wouldn't get any light

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