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  1. hi my name is mark and this is my first time growing mary jane. i have done alot of research but i need a little help. i want to trim my plants so i can get light to the whole plant and not just the bigger leaves on top. heres the grow info. i have 3 plants under 3 27w cfls. i do plan on adding more once plants go into flowering. my first plant is 3 1/2 weeks old and is good sized. the strain is unknown. my other 2 plants are g-13 started from seed and are 2 weeks old. i water every other day and i am using earth juice products and my ferts.

    my goal is to get 50 plus grams off each plant and i know to do so the plant needs to get alot of light. so when do i trim? how much do i trim? i am planning on using low stress training to get more light in as well i just dont want to be using 10 cfls to get the yeild i want i dont have room for that. so can i get some advice please. thenks for the help
  2. My advice is to think about it this way. If you cut one fan leaf from the top to get light to one at the bottom you didn't much accomplish anything. Even if you get more light to 2 or 3 leaves at the bottom its really only 1 or 2 since you cut one and those leaves are father away from the light so they wont get as much from it anyway. To LST is good,.. to scrog might even be better. But if you don't have a lot of bulbs try arranging the plants in a circle and sticking a light or two in the middle down by the lower leaves of all 3 plants and rotate the pots 1/3rd of a turn every day.

    fuck me,... thats a god damn good idea if i do say so myself! :eek:
  3. i was thinking about using scrog but i was going to do it a little different. i was going to scrog them going up. so like as if the were growing up a wall on a screan. but thanks for the help
  4. Ummm since the point of a ScrOG is "Sea Of Green" I don't think treating them like vertical vines would yield more. The whole point is to make each plant think they have many tops not just one. Undergroth all gets cut off with a traditional scrog too and you wouldnt have any undergrowth,.. you've have back groth :p

  5. screen of green that is
  6. i think i am not going to cut anything. i dont know enough on whati am doing yet to start hacking away at my plants
  7. Yeah dont do what i did last sunday night:

    First Picture:


    normal but i did trim it abit, its only 44days old.

    Second Picture:


    Stripped it :( thats the last time i take anything of my plant (apart from harvestin)

    PS: hope ya grow goes well ;)
  8. yah thats why i dont want to cut it. maybe when i have a few grows under my belt and i know how the plants work a little bit better. i am sorry to see that with your plant though. its a bummer.
  9. Dont be cos it will still be ok hoping!

    My plant will show sex in about 1wk from last sunday night which was when i switch to 12/12 ;)
  10. yeah i have read that stress can actually help the plant get a higher yeild. so who knows. mary jane is a super adaptive plant so who knows. good luck. i would just give it lot of food

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