trimming fresh cannabis before hair follicle drug test?

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  1. I was trimming a dwarf autoflower. Took like 25 minutes, was super sticky. Didn't have latex gloves. An afterward used alcohol to wash of resin. Will this cause me to fail a hair follicle drug test?
  2. No. Not if you didn’t rub ur hands threw ur hair or Inhale the combusted smoke.
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  3. I already took some hair samples. Incase, I can pretend to pull hair from my thigh. But really the hair strand will be already in my hand lol. You sure I can't fail this test to get this good job.
  4. That won’t work lol. They usually pull a piece of hair of there choice not urs.
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  5. LOL fuck you think im dirty? I was trimming a small plant.
  6. No not at all you haven’t smoked weed. And like I said unless you combed ur hair with ur trimming resin ur gonna pass.
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  7. I got short hair, I cut my hair damn near bald. I guess they will need a pubic hair. Because I got no other inch an a half hair.
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  8. Out of hair gel? Throw some trim resin on ya comb and run it thru your hair, slick back got a whole new game

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  9. Fuuck that lol
  10. U could argue u work for a weed grower if they have medical grows there. Hell. My daughter just got her 3rd dui and they are allowing her weed on her probation in Colorado

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  11. If you grow weed your a evil villain. Where im from weed is the devil. :( People think like that
  12. When they test your hair they're testing for the metabolites of THC, not THC itself. That means it will only detect THC after it has been processed by your body and naturally deposited in your hair. You'll be fine. Assuming you haven't smoked in the last 100 days.
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  13. Is their a such thing is cbd strains? With 0% THC every pheno? Thanks
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    Follicle tests.. Man, that’s some next level stuff. No hospital I have ever worked in has ever asked for follicles.. even at the engineering level *knocks on wood*. That’s mighty scary mate. I really hope you pass dude, I mean if you didn’t touch your hair I think you will be good. I hope you haven’t indulged in Mary in 90+ days.

    Just out of curiosity, what field is your occupation related to if I may ask. Feel free not to answer too OP, this is a secret society after all..

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  15. Anything you have used since the hair has grown will show. Not testing the surface lol.
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  16. Why not touch my hair? I cut my hair very short almost bald. Could it get in my nogin? I wish I could smoke my Dr feelgood strain I just harvested. It's a pure medical strain. It might have some THC in it too risky. I used latex gloves this time. It smells grapey and sweetish. My second plant I harvested. On my first grow got one plant left Ruderalis Skunk. Growing all dwarfs.
    Oh I want to work for a industrial chemical plant. Doing electrical stuff.

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  17. I haven't smoked since September 2nd 2018.
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  18. That will not cause you to fail a drug test.

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