Trimming fan leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mariguanaman, May 28, 2010.

  1. so ive recently been chopping off some of my fan leaves due to lack of light penetration to the lower branches. does anyone else do this and is there any downfall to it???
  2. if the plants in the picks r the 1s ur pruning STOP they r 2 young u will kill them..peace
  3. its the last one and thats quite an old pic. its got some size to it now and it doesnt seem to be hurting it in anyway
  4. U can cut leaves in half get the light through and still get food for the plant.
  5. I wish I had done this on my last plant. I'd only do it if it was real bushy and there was no light getting down to the bottom. Pics would help, but its your decision anyway.
    People will say "hell no the plant duz photosynthesis with em!", but ultimately you want to harvest BUDs and the lower ones will be useless if they're kept in the dark.

    I even think cutting an offending fan leaf clean off is better than trimming it in half. You have bud leaves to catch light

    Here's a link Defoliation: Hi-Yield Technique - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
    (I don't think posting a link there is against the rules, if it is someone tell me or delete it plz)
  6. Regardless trimming fan leaves is fine as long as u dont go overboard.also I agree with Miguel420 I usually trim off botoom branches growth and focus on top 12" of your plant
  7. No I meant keep the bottom branches and little bud sites, but take off the fan leaves that are blocking the light TO them. We want buds, so keep them instead of the fan leaves. And the bottoms can be nice buds if they actually get light!

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