Trimming fan leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jj420aded, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I started flushing Wednesday an I'm planing on harvesting in 2 weeks from then. Is it ok to trim some of the fan leaves off to give some of the shaded buds more light

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  2. Personally I would just get a small wire or some pipe cleaners and wrap them around the stalk.
    I mean if their yellowing then maybe but you don't want to induce too much "stress" to your plant in those last 2 weeks because in those weeks you can see your buds swell a lot.
  3. I remove or trim fan leaves all the way through flowering to make sure as much as much light as possible goes to flower sites. Just don't go to far, and use sharp, clean scissors.
  4. I go the opposite to Andy on this one, but it's always gonna be one those questions that growers never will agree on lol. 

    I'm the same stage as you right now, couple weeks from harvest....4 of my crop are White Rhino, heavily bushy, typical Indica, many leaves covering many bud sites.....I've added another 600 watt cool tube vertically to allow more lumens to hit those sites that are barely reached.....but it's not simply the fan leaves from the canopy that stop the lumens hitting lower bud sites. 
    The intensity of the light wanes the further it travels.....after a certain point the amount hitting those sites is negligible in my opinion, stressing the plant by removing fan leaves in order to get light that won't be effective anyway to those lower buds is a false economy....all you are doing is slowing down the growth and causing unnecessary stress.

    I'm sure many will disagree...but that's fine, life would be boring if everybody was right all the time! ;) 
  5. What if I trim them as they yellow an I mean yellow atleast half leave is crunchy

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  6. This is really up to you to decide. I would never recommend that someone start cutting away at their plant on their first grow. Just let it do its thing.
    As you get more experience, you'll know when/where to cut, just give it some time.

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