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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by MalibuGym, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I was wondering how long, if at all, it is safe to trim any new bud sites that pop up during the first 2 weeks of flowering. obviously I would like to have 1 huge cola, or as few as possible. I have more than a few grows under my belt, and I currently lollipop my plants to the point where there is 1 bud site on the end of any branches that are left, usually a top third. But since they still grow during this period and more bud sites pop up, that's where my question lies.
    I am not seeking peoples opinions, or opinions from those who have no business in the advanced growers section, I'm more or less looking for the opinions of the dude that has the picture of goose from top gun, or anyone else I see on here regularly with a substantial knowledge. No offense to any newbies. Thanks. Gym
  2. Why do you want to lop off budsites?
  3. because I will sacrifice the small lower pop corn nugz, so more energy is concentrated on the tops. I prefer to smoke good weed. but man you should see my super huge frosty pre 98 topps, whhhewwww!!!
  4. I'd stick with trimming leaves, but early buds won't hurt anything, I just don't think it'll help unless you're under really weak light (no/little penetration)
  5. Ok, I wasnt seeking opinions on whether not I should. because I'm going to. I don't like little popcorn nugz on the bottom of the stem, I prefer the energy being spent on the top buds, like I said in the last post. so if anyone has any info on the question I asked, that would be wonderful. I have a 1000 watt light by the way. So the question was, how long, if at all
    , is it safe to trim into flowering? not whether or not I should trim lower bud sites.
  6. Hmmm seems like you have a bad attitude. Toasty knows his stuff. You arent going to find many people who are going to say " cutting off buds ( low or not) is a good idea". but you seem to know everything already.
  7. Apparently you're not too good at reading either, nobody was talking about lopping off budz. I always lollipop the individual stems themselves. I was talking about trimming off the potential bud sites, that bring with extra foilage, lower canopy problems, humidity issues, etc. That's weird people on thc farmer seem to know the answer........
  8. i trim off fan leaves that block the lower bud sites but keep all the lower sites. i supercrpped and tied branches apart to allow light to the lower sites and most of my low budsites are fairly big compared to my last grow when i ddint tie branches.

  9. then why are you here?

  10. I do trim the lower stalks that in turn inhibit the development of buds lower down, but to your question, maybe just maybe you are giving your plants too much light, as in light penetration is far stronger with a 1kw lite than with a 600w hps, hence light is able to penetrate to those lower buds,that drive you crazy. ....just a

    the guy you seek...Hank Alvarez

  11. If your going to do it regardless why ask?
  12. I do it during veg, I was asking how long its safe into flowring, cause I would like to continue to trim. you no answer having condescending asshole
  13. You make no sense in your post but usually if you trim enough in veg you don't have to worry through flower if I trim anything it's with in first 4 to 6 weeks nothing after IMO it slows down the process makin the plant put energy into healing the wound you leave
  14. OK folks, there definitely are a lot of people who come on here with a question and a bad attitude, I just don't see that being the case with Malibu here. What he is asking about is something I wouldn't do, but he wants to and asked about it and has gotten related but off-topic advice, and he hasn't been totally rude in reacting to that.

    I hold back no punches when someone is being a jerk, in this case I just see a poster not getting an answer to his question. He is getting copious advice that he should abandon the premise of his question, but he doesn't want that advice -- he's entitled to grow the way he wants and just wants some help with that decision.

    Sorry I can't help you here Malibu, just not something I believe in so can't offer worthy advice. Someone will come along and answer though, I'm sure.
  15. And actually my old post I need to make a correction it all depends on the strain. Some strains when they get stressed go hermi quicker than others and it depends how many weeks the strain is. Try and leave a good 3 weeks of stress free no cutting branches at the end see how that works for ya don't trim after that IMO
  16. Man, I agree with toastybiz... a guy asks an intelligent to the point question and gets this kind of response? Seems like he held his tongue pretty well to me. I'm only on my third grow so I have no real input, but this forum has been helpful to me in the past and I hope to help others in the future. Some of the people on here need a dose of humility and a proper attitude adjustment, and they need to grow up.

    Gym, good luck with your grow... hope your knowledge and experience with what ever you do, positive or negative, gets added to this community.
  17. It's safe to trim 1 or 2 small branches from a mother plant throughout it's life, just fine. And it may be stressed a little more during flowering, but I don't normally cause stress to my plants unless I take at least 8 from 1 plant. So if you're only trimming 3 or 4, it'll be fine. But if you tend to your plants regularly, you won't have popcorn nodes that grow at all, because you can pinch the tops off as soon as they form. Plus few to no new tops are going to form at the bottom during flowering, because energy/sugars go to flowering.

    P.S. get preposterous phosphorous
  18. I wouldn't take off bud sites during thinking is that if you want to increase energy to the top your gonna have to lop off maybe 6+ which in flowering can lead to infection, diseases and what it's not worth it.

    I selectively defoliate during flowering so that light can penetrate farther down. I actually like small buds on the bottom that take longer to gives me a different experience when I put it into the one hitter.

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