Trimming During Flowering? Help

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  1. First timer grower, about 4 weeks into flowering. I am finding that the lower branches and buds are not getting enough light. I want to open up the canopy by trimming, but I am unsure of how much to trim and it's effect on the final product. In the flowering stage how much work are the fan leaves doing? or is it all the buds taking in light now? I have seen pics of plants that are trimmed into towering thai sticks, but is that just before harvest or can i do that with 3-5 weeks left of budding? Any suggestions would help. Keep on growin...

  2. good question

    after abit of reasearch here is what i have found...

    To maintain the optimal growth rate, trim all dead leaves. The more often you trim, the slower the Marijuana plant will grow and the narrower the internodal length. Trimming the growth tip after the plant is 4-5 leaf sets tall will produce a "Y" shaped plant with two "arms". Too much trimming will result in poor growth and often hermaphrodism (having both male and female flowers). Keep pruning to a minimum during the entire FLOWERING PHASE.

    Hermaphrodite's are both male and female and can be tricky to spot. A plant can change from female to hermaphrodite if they're stressed (bad conditions, lack of water, too much water, handling plants *too much, trimming*

    Topping, trimming, and cloning should all be done before you force flowering. Once the plants begin to flower, they should be left to fill out and finish. Any manipulation after that can reduce the number of potential budding sites, decreasing overall harvest, and lengthening the time to harvest.

    If,,,, you have to trim do it during light stage early on to gave the plant a chance to chatch up and keep it to a min

    I would suggest some cfl (compact flo) bulbs to fill out ur lower sections I just order'd some myself on sunday there cheap low on juice and low on heat perfect to fill out ur lower buds ^^

    GL -DeN- :wave:

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