trimming and shaving?

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  1. So yeah, me and my girl and starting to get intimate and I was wondering what the fuck ya'll do. I bought this Schick Quatro Trimmer and razor thing. I figured i would use scizzors to trim the top hair off and use the razor to shave the balls.

    so is it a good idea to shave your balls? Last time i trimmed down and shit, i was itching like crazy. Never shaved balls all the way...figured i would try.

    Any tips guys? :smoking:
  2. Yes it will itchy like crazy when it begins to grow back. If you maintain it, you should be fine
  3. I just trim up the patch of hair above my junk when it gets a little out of hand. Being a man has something to do with having hair, believe it or not. Girls don't want to think they're hooking up with a 12 year old. Just trim it up when it gets out of control.
  4. yes..
  5. dude i use a electric trimmer, to do just that, trim.

    first time i ever shaved down there i shaved it completely, man what a mistake that was! i dont think i have ever been itchier!

    btw, dont shave it all off man, just trim.
  6. im with the guy above. i shaved once and it was aweful. so ichy. Just trim.
  7. Trimmmm it! Girls like men, sure, but no one loves a jungle.
  8. careful with the nutsack, the skin is very sensitive
  9. Yeah definitely be really careful with the balls. Otherwise horror will ensue
  10. lol I did the same thing haha, just looks kinda weird with no hair at all down there. I usually just trim with scissors and shave my balls every so often as well.
  11. For me, it was a clean shave then i wiped myself down with this really strong alcohol to prevent hair bumps. Personally, if you shave with clippers then be sure to wipe yourself down wit alcohol to prevent the bumps...lord knows, girl sees hair bumps on you pube section, she's gonna have a few questions for you.
  12. I think i got. trim the bush, shave the balls? and lotion to soothe afterwards.

  13. I just trim the hair above. Keep it less than 15mm. That's all I do. I don't mess with my sack. My ball hair is lighter and less visible for some reason.

  14. if this actually works, it helps women out too :D i HAAAATE getting ingrown hairs or getting those bumps...

    the key of course is to exfoliate first - scrub the area like hell... but i didn't know about this alcohol thing - i'll have to try it.
  15. Yeah, the bumps fucking suck, I found that out at 16.
    Around the time I found out that trimming scrotum hair with a pair of scissors is even less glamorous than it sounds.
  16. Magic Shave!

    It's a razorless cream for black men to remove facial hair. But it works great on other areas, lol. No bumps or irritation.

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