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  1. so I had a buddy check out my plants and I have been training my branches too grow so I can get sunlight too the middle of my plant and my plants have been out for about 2 months and there about a week or 2 from budding and my buddy came out and pulled almost all the big fan leafs off of my plant.. will this kill my plant or will my plant be ok it’s about 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide and I have topped it
  2. Might slow it down. Any pics?
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  3. Not much of a buddy if he's raping your girls like that
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  4. I took a video it kind of shows what he’s doing but won’t let me upload it he didn’t take every leaf off but only the big sucker leafs this is my first grow so at first it sounded right but now that I looked it up I’m kind of worried
  5. At first it kinda sounded right because he’s a older guy and I know he has grown outdoors before but then I started looking it up and I’m kind of worried he didn’t take all the leafs off but only the big sucker leafs...but the way I’m training it kinda worry’s me that I’m putting too much stress or it might just kill it.. this is my first time growing and I’m really proud of how I got the plant looking like right now

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  7. That was before it happened I had too screen shot the photos because I was takeing a video
  8. This was after he pulled the leafs off

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  9. You'll be fine might slow it for a couple days it's no biggie I defoliate all my plans

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  10. So just give it time to recover? I live in Michigan so will I still get a arvest in early October?

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  11. It won't die at all. Not even close. You can take leaves without issue but there is no point imo the help soak up the sun so why remove them
  12. They should be in early flower now or very soon. Taking leaves won't change that, you will still harvest at the same time. Good luck. I had a storm do this.....
    And a few days later with some tape and wire...... 20190810_131353.jpg
    They are resilient plants!
  13. You'll survive buddy. Tell him he owes you supper and laugh about it.
  14. I don’t understand how everyone gets there plants too get like this I got 3 blue cheese plants that I topped and there bushy but only about 2-3 foot then I got a green crack plant that’ I had given too me it just stretches straight up but has a lot of stems coming off but my 2 skunk #1 plants I have been doing the whole lst thing and that’s why there so bushy I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong honestly lol my plants are doing good right now but damn that’s a nice plant

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  15. I haven’t done anything too them beside I started them in miracle grow(I know it’s not good too grow with in flower) but is there any nuiets I can give them or should give them too help them get started and grow big buds?

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  16. I think you answered your own question there. I didn't do any training to that plant. Grown from seed started late April in organic soil with fish emulsion once a week during mid veg and then every 3rd water during the stretch also some compost/ewc tea and will be using alaska more bloom and bat guano teas for flower. They also get sun from sun up till sundown
  17. So when I made the compost I planted some of them with half dirt from the ground half miracle grow...could I use some bloom nueits or is there anything I should watch out for?

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