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    How should I store/dry/cure
  2. not wet
  3. Hey sorry to bring up an old thread, but I figured it's better than making a new one. I have been wondering this lately as my first plant will be ready to harvest in about two weeks. After I trim do I have to dry and cure the little sugar leaves and stuff to before I make edibles? Or am I good to go right after that wet trim
  5. Let your trim dry.
    Then make some cannabutter for various edibles
  6. Make some hash with it.
  7. Based on my experience, if you dry and cure(even if it's a short cure) your trim in the same way you do your bud, the final product(bho) tastes much better.

    You may not have much trim off of one plant. Probably best to either do a coconut cannaoil or do a run of ISO oil.
    Just do yourself a favor and do good research before you chose a method to use.

    Probably the simplest tek to use would be to get some 70/80/90% isopropyl alcohol, and a mason jar.

    You should do 2 separate runs.

    1st run you only leave the trim/bud in the alchohal for 30 seconds, then remove. Repeat this 2-4 times.
    2nd Run : leave in for 1 hour or overnight. Shake occasionally.

    1st run: good quality.
    2nd run: should be high potency, but will be very dark in color and taste quite bad.

    The 2nd run stuff is good to keep around for whenever you are going through a drought.

    You can use fresh trim/bud to make stuff with, but I haven't had good luck with it. I tend to only use dry material unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

    One last thing lol. If you do a good job separating the different quality trim...i.e. Fan leaves vs straight sugar leaf vs partial sugar leaf.... The 100% sugar leaf CAN be smoked. IMO it's tolerable
  8. Thanks that's good to know. I'm probably gonna make the coconut oil or just a giant batch of peanut butter for some firecrackers. A week ago I did the peanut butter thing and it came out great

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