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trim wet or dry?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by lawndog, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. what up gc!! was hoping to get informed info/ experiences of trimming wet (day of harvest) or dry a week after cut down? given that sun leaves are taken off ofcourse. i have been trimming wet for awhile usually do to pm but most of my buddies trim dry. any better/worse ideas? thanks:p
  2. I find that trimming wet is a lot easier than trimming dry bud, so I would have to say trim wet!
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    trim wet if you don't like cramped hands, and more meticulous trimming.

    trimming dry, it does seem the leaves "protect" the buds more, but enough of that, and your hands will hate you after awhile....

    its easier to do it wet, but for me personally, the quality did not seem to differ that greatly to justify the detailed clipping needed.
  4. Wet is best to ensure when the bud dries it gets plenty of air to the bud ,I find pulling off shaders by hand then triming
  5. wow all replies agree trim wet! thanks bro's
  6. try a few cola's dry... just for yourself man.
  7. Wet. Trimming is already the worst job ever, it is epically horrible when the leaves dry, however, if you let the buds dry, the small leaves will more or less break off if you run you fingers over the bud. If you do this the bud will not be as clean looking tho.
  8. i trim immediately after i cut because i get so excited.


  9. This.
  10. first harvest i was jumping up and down while trimming!
  11. I've only had 3 harvests ever, and small ones at that, but I get pretty thrilled trimming em up.

    So much of the weed around here, even the good shit just isn't well manicured. It's so nice when you can take those tiny little scissors and cut each leaf way down in there rather than just trim the part poking out cause you end up w/ those perfect little cones where it just looks like it's made of little sticky balls.
  12. [quote name='mrgoodsmoke']I've only had 3 harvests ever, and small ones at that, but I get pretty thrilled trimming em up.

    mine were nothing to write home about but im sure if i was pulling P's i would have some tired hands:eek:

    it seems like it is easier to trim wet because you can get the leaves from where they start by the stem so you get the whole leaf instead of just the tips.

    Nothing worse than getting an OZ with fan leaves and extra stems:mad:

  13. ya your crop drys slower with all the leaves its best to trim when you first harvest for a quicker dry and it is easier to get them wet too, i get hand cramps either way
  14. trim immediately all the leafs get stuck to the buds otherwise
  15. dry.

    i mean wet.
  16. As August said, both wet and dry. Take the fan leaves off at harvest time and dry for three or four days then trim the three leafed leaves and the bigger single leaves off before putting into jars for curing. This way the fan leaves don't get wrapped around the flowers as they dry.
  17. If after trimming wet you notice your buds are lacking in flavor or aroma try letting them dry for a couple days then trim them.
  18. i always leave baby leaves on just because i like the looks of it, i trim all fan leaves and larger leaves while wet and then throw in a box then after dryed I crush them all up and put 2grams of good dank and roll a gigantic blunt, happy growing and goodluck on harvest
  19. Hate to bring a thread from the dead but i'm about to have my first harvest and have read so much on this topic and now am convinced the true answer is that everyone is going to have there own personal opinion and preference, therefore I believe the best thing to do is to experiment for yourself and trim one wet and one dry and "smell/see/taste" the difference and choose one to your liking.

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