Trim Roots In A Hydro System?

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  1. I did a search looking for the answer to this and couldn't find it, so here goes....

    If I grow in one of those rubbermaid totes converted into a hydro system, I have heard sometimes the roots can grow so big in the res that they will block the bubbles coming from the air stone.

    My question is, can you or should you try to cut away some of the roots if this happens? Obviously the plant will die anyway if the water is not properly aerated by the bubble stone. So it seems like you'd have to take the chance anyway.

    Need some opinions here. Thanx! :wave:
  2. In Bonsai. (Tree in a pot) you achieve form by overgrowing and trimming back of upper and lower plant growth. A mixture of two types of pruning will achieve an adult tree in a confined area.

    Basically the rules are simple. Pruning foliar growth increases root mass, where as a regimen of mainly bianually root trimming successfully dwarfs a plant with minimal pruning required. Root pruning is the main style for fruited trees because when dwarfing by foliar pruning, you cut straight stems and divert sap flow very easily. This wonkey pathway is not as efficent for the stem to pass fluids and therefore bare decient lush fruit. Root pruning leaves more vital and well constructed stem systems to develop normally.

    Only thing I'm not sure of, is in soil. the root stays dry enough to heal properly. I'm not to sure how plants would heal when immersed in a bubbling solution.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but I'm not really asking how to bonsaia a plant....

    This is my question to everyone....If the roots in my hydroponic unit get so big they block the air stone and prevent it from making adequate bubbles, should I trim those roots enough to allow the air stone to bubble properly? Will this damage or kill my plants?

  4. Seems like I've heard debates that Bonsai techniques on MJ plants is not a good idea.... But maybe I'm wrong.

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