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  1. I've been smoking for quite a long time now, but I have just recently stumbled upon the wonders of hash (the creation of it anyway), and the ease (mostly) that's involved with making it. I know quite a few guys who are "up there" on the dealer list. I'm thinking I could ask one of my guys if he might be able to get me some trim for sale. I don't think many people around here (especially the dealers) even think of making hash, so I could probably get some at a reasonable price. My question is, in your personal experience, what is a good price to ask for lets say... a lb of high grade trim.
  2. I have no clue. I mean, the shit costs $10/ounce to grow and that's for the buds. Trim should be almost free if they don't want to use it for anything.

    You'd be surprised though. Most growers do something with their trim such as making oil or hash.
  3. Around these parts a pound of trim dosent cost much (Ive given garbage bags full away in the past). Best bet is to ask and tell him youll kick them down some has when youyre done . You'll be getting rid of the stuff he cant sell and giving something back.
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    Well, you'd be right if I was in with a grower like that, the people I know... should know though. My only point is, obviously my guy is not going to go out of his way to get me some free trim, how much should I be willing to pay? and to the guy above, good idea. Telling him I'll hit him up with some after ain't a bad idea :hello:

    EDIT: Also, how much return in BHO or QWISO will I get off of a lb of the trim? I was thinking about bubble bagging it but the system is a little bit expensive and makeshifting it isn't the best IMO.
  5. All my friends who grow just give their trim to their mates for free. As has been said already i'm sure if you ask and they don't use it for anything they'll give it to you free. Definitely don't pay more than 10$ for a couple of ounces of the stuff...
    I got an ounce or two of trim free a few weeks ago which I used to make some lovely hash!
  6. oz of trim off the 10 dollar/ gram weed at dispensary = 15 bucks, when they have it

  7. This is all I've ever done with my trim, if I wasn't using it which I usually do (I love hash ;) ). I used to give huge bagfulls of sugar trim away.
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  16. Would it be possible to offer him $50/lb up front, then 20% of whatever hash you get? Just trying to be creative, especially since I have no idea how much trim should sell for, plus considering whether it's already dry or fresh...

    In my mind, easiest thing would be to offer him a portion of the product. But like other people have said, a lot of growers use their trim for BHO, in which case they probably won't be willing to hand it over.
  17. In So cal a lb. of quality trim and loose ass shitty nuggs goes for $200-$400...Prolly cheaper up north...All over US its all about who you know...
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    I've never seen someone give such an open invitation to an admitted stalker. You, sir, better watch your ass.

    Trim in a garbage bag=garbage=free. But, if you're getting it from a dealer who's getting it from a grower, expect to pay.

    Holy hell. Maybe in a club in LA, where the rich go to play, but if you pay 400, or even 300 for some trim and bottom-of-the-baggers, then you need to reevaluate your connection issues.

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