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Trim dead leaves ok?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by starcecil, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. After a plant has exhibited nute problems and the leaves get all yellow and brown or do w/e it is they do... Is it ok to trim them?

    I see plenty of smaller healthy leaves but there are also a few big fan leaves that are mostly yellowwed and even have brown spots and discoloration from the nute problem.

    Can I just clip those away? Whats the best method - as close to the stalk as possible?
  2. the leaves contain nutrients for the plant to feed on. If it was my plant I would only cut it when the leaves are mostly brown.
  3. cutting dead leaves is ok, but if your plant is overferted and its showing signs of this in the leaves you wanna cut off then its best to just leave them alone, if you cut them then the toxic levels will start to show in the upper plant, right now those leaves are acting as an indicator
  4. if the leaf is completely dead then take it off. leaves fuel plants when they get defs, removing them prematurely will cause the problem to spread quicker.

    I dont take off leaves until they are 2/3 dead or dry.

  5. I see, well one plant suffered more than the other, I think part of it is the roots. Its a big plant but transplanting it lost a lot of root mass because it was tangled up.

    I suppose I will just leave them on. I was thinking by trimming them off the healthier leaves could get more light and grow

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