Trikky's Glass Family Picture Thread as of 09/02/2008!! Updated from last!

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  1. Hey folks.

    I went into a cleaning frenzy today and cleaned ALL of my glass. EVERYTHING. So, while I had it all down there, I decided to take a new family shot, as my family has grown some.

    Anyways, here they are. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

  2. amazing! a truly gorgeous collection.
    keep it up man!

  3. Very nice dude
  4. With nugs in the bowls and all, nice shot.
  5. In the 4th picture, that rasta/black colored heady bubbler with the nug in it looks absolutly beatiful! i fuckin love that design man, awesome collection, youve got a lot of stuff there.
  6. I am envious of your collection dude, I can see a lot of quality stuff there, very nice indeed.
  7. Thanks dude!
    As always, thanks puffinphoto
    You know I always do it up for GC!
    Thanks man, that's one of my favorites too.
    Thanks man.
  8. I have that same foam hard shell case, haha.
    Is that an el hefe bowl I see?

    can you even get more rep? I'll try anyways.
  9. Yeah, it's actually an El Hefe Set. The push slide with the martini next to it. It is the only Chaos Themed slide he's ever made.
  10. Nice I must've skipped over the set.
  11. wooooo! lookin sick trikkky! i love that hefe chaos
  12. Trikky I remember when you posted the bad ass chillum with the twist when you got it..
    I thought that was the coolest thing ever haha
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  14. i dont even know what to say dude. the wooden roor bowl holder really shows you care alot about your collection. i love it all. +rep
  15. I think I just drooled a little bit...

    Bow before the almighty trikky! [​IMG]
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    Fucking awesome man. You really do have great taste. I love the orange-ish piece on the left of the third pic.
    What are you using tonight? :smoke:
  17. Nice..How do you decide what to smoke out of haha
  18. Holy fuck!!!! Bomb ass collection sir. Keep up the good work. +rep
  19. Awesome collection bro makes me wish i didnt get rid of all my pipes and such
  20. Now that's a collection. +rep

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