Trikky is Steppin His Game Up With Some Sovereignty Glass. Pictures inside.

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by trikky, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. What's up GC. Well, my roommie accidentally broke off a piece on my TORO chubbler ashcatcher, so I took a trip to the local shop and scooped me up some SG. Got a 4-arm Pillbottle style ashcatcher.

    Let me tell you, this is the BEST ashcatcher I've used yet. It's sleek, lightweight, and ultra-high performing. SO SMOOTH.

    Anyways, enough with my ranting, here's the pictures. Not pictured is the TORO slide I got them to throw in for free.


  2. that thing is officially badass nice so jealous!

    how much did it run for?
  3. So beautiful...

    I hope I can +rep you again...
  4. hell yeaa boy!! i love mine its super smooth! too bad about the chubbler
  5. sickkkk, y no ice?
  6. man SG is really where its at man nice job....

    from your pickup here and bl4z3d (or however you spell it) new bong SG is fuckin sweet.....

    great pickup man rep+ if i ever come to colorado im hittin them up for sure
  7. nice, I like the added glass where it connects to the slider.
  8. $129 with tax
    Thanks dude. Works great, too. Just blew my KC 4-Arm out of the water.
    The chubbler will be resurrected. Dude at the shop said he would get JP to fix it for free.
    Why no ice in the bong? It takes away from the airspace. No ice = bigger hit.
    Thanks man. You know where to find me...
    Yeah, the whole this is stable and solid. Awesome design. Scientific Glass Blowers FTW!
  9. Nice, trikky. Looks like my Roor 4-arm but taller to prevent spillback.
    I needs me some SG glass. Soon....soon.
  10. thats what itis!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You know, I was just thinking to myself "That trikky fellow really needs to step up his game"...


    Very nice, indeed. :smoke:
  12. Wow, that is a beast of an ashcatcher.

    Love it, +rep :)
  13. very nice addition trikky

    looks bangin to say the least
  14. ur shittin me....


    i wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cud hit that

  15. Shits tight. + Rep.
  16. Damn man. +rep
  17. Yeah, the taller part is the reason i bought it.
    Yeah, it is.
    Damn, well if junkie thinks I need to step my game up... just wait till you get to see my next purchase
    Thanks dude
    Thanks. I love it.
    Wish you could too. I wish everyone could try it.
    Thank you.
    annnnndddd thank you.
  18. damn. nice ass ash catcher forreals! :p

    and i see you're milkin your new roor too that i like so much.

  19. If I ever get a bong, I'm going to make sure I don't half-ass it and do it up, Trikky style!
  20. definatly some sick shit, sorry to hear about the toro though

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