Triiipping? Take a look at this.

Discussion in 'General' started by grapeALICIOUS, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. holy shit. wasnt expecting that. shits crazy! and im not high at all.:smoking:
  2. Crazy shit bro
  3. damn i wish i was trippin i would stare into that for hours
  4. haha i know right...some time soon..real soon..
  5. jeyzus.. i was about 2 save my last 2 joints worth for tomorrow morningswake and bake.. but now i've clicked that link i just feel the need to roll :laughing:

    brb guys i guess :p
  6. Bookmarking that for when I get some Lucy soon. :)
  7. If you move your mouse it makes the image move omg:yummy:
  8. it says error on page and is just a white page. It wont load :(

  9. yea i was just staring at it, then moved my mouse to come back here and comment, but i was like, wow.
  10. If I'm tripping really hard that would be too intense, it would just be a huge jumble of colors without any of the cool shapes.

    Last time I tripped my balls off on mushrooms I was staring at xbox 360's visualizer and it was awesome until I really started tripping hard - then it was boring because it just looked like a fuckin jumble of colors.

    I stared at the wall instead, seemed to be more entertaining. Then I tried to draw and the pencil had a mind of it's own. I thought I was transcribing existence itself, documenting the aether that surrounds us - but it turns out it was just a bunch of scribbles haha.

  11. :laughing: exactly the same thing happened to me lmao.

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