tried to get a money order from nosy bank...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by yinyang, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. i thought they would just give me the money order but they said they have to fill it out with the info,where im sending it etc. plus they wanted to charge me 6.50$ for it.
    i told them never mind.
    im damn near about to order with my credit card. if i wasnt so paranoid...
  2. maybe if it was an order of a substantial amount, or you were a member of the bank, than they would have not charged you for the money order.--Ive never been charged for a money order or any type of certified bank note

    sometimes when I was young Id take a check to a random bank and ask to cash it and they said i had to be a member. Sometimes I take a bunch of 20$ bills to the bank to be switched to 100$'s and they say I have to be a member. But usually they dont bother asking

    6.5$ for a money order is BS, just sign up for a free checking account and get a debit/atm card. you could probably buy like a couple years worth of checks for 6.5$

    what is this money order to be used for btw??
  3. I never had a prob with a money order. I jus asked for a certain amount, and the BUYER, (u) fill in the blanks, over here in the US anything under 100 bucks is only .69 cents for a money order
  4. cant you just go to the post office and get a Postal Money order???

  5. Just go to the currency exchange.

    They charge like 1.00 for one, and you don't tell them shit.
  6. You can get money orders up to $500 at the Rutter's around here and they don't ask you about anything. It only costs ~60 cents, too.
  7. personally, i feel safer ordering with a CC.

    i've had BOTH money orders i tried to send a record store for an import CD disappear before. i don't trust my money being handed off to 100 postal employees. most of the complaints i've seen regarding people not getting their seeds (not counting siezures) has been from people sending money.

    i've NEVER heard of a single case of police using a seed CC order to bust anyone. the ONLY thing i've ever heard of is seeds getting siezed and buyers recieving an empty package & letter about it. if anything, a siezed batch of seeds would be what would lead to an arrest as that would involve hard evidence.

    you could always say someone else used your CC too you know or even get one of those new prepaid CCs! i imagine those are totally anonymous as they're linked to cash payments and not bank accounts.

    i've only recieved merchandise in 1 out of three money orders (including the CDs) but recieved all 4 of my CC orders.

    i don't trust money orders. ever see postal employees fishing for cash and money orders during the holidays on a news program?

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