Tried shrooms today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokin jax, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Tried 1.5g of some shrooms and i must say, it was pretty good. High started out kinda slow but picked up about an hour after i ate them. Friend came over and we smoked a few bowls. Liked the high but im gonna try more next time, wasnt all the "trippy halucinations" as its was hyped to be.
  2. yea at that amount i always just get a good head high, like i smoked some super dank sativa... i just think like crazy etc etc. i need more too "trip" although i had awesome shrooms one time and tripped the best i've ever tripped off of 1.7
  3. next time try twice as much
  4. Yo 3 days ago i did shrooms for the 2nd time and i ate 5.5 grams to myself and i was soo fuked lol,
    man shrooms r bomb if u take a lot
    i think its pointless to eat only like a g
  5. i split an eight about a week ago with my friend then went down to baltimore with a group of us and most were tripping with us as well. we both had a really crazy body high and were blazed on bud. it was like a sick ass body high with lights being really blurry and just weird also when your focus changes it was just odd as well. like going from one lvl to another just made it seem so different and the water was fucking nuts. hardrock cafe guitar looked like it was dancing.
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    I havent eaten shrooms in almost 2 years, But back when i was munching down cubensis the typical dose among my group of friends was 1.5 grams for an extremely giggly energetic good mood, and 3 grams + but never more than five:D for a more visual and spiritual sit in a corner lost in your own wonderland type day.

    (edit: i say never more than five grams, because i ate a quarter of extremely potent shrooms one time at All Good festival, and it was the most intense exp of my life, i dont even know what plain i was on, but it turned into a really terrifying mind opening exp, at just how far your mind can take you.) In short i ended up curled up in a ball half naked somwhere in the woods of west virginia, unaware of who i was and speaking some crazy click language that made perfect sense in my head, i also had the ability to shapeshift to different ages and bodies as well as travel in my head to other regions of the world. Reading that it sounds really fun, but at the time it was horrifying and the stomach pain i had to go through, you cannot imagine.
  7. ur excatly right,
    but i like shrooms cuz its a cheap drug, i can get a o of it for madd cheap
    and its rlly potent shit,
    gold caps
  8. shrooms are kinda expensive tbh because u need to eat so much to trip. i found with some good headies i was able to feel most of wat i felt. the body high was great but i felt about the same with some nice headies out of a bong. also the price was a lot better on the weed. shrooms do last for a while tho its like a day long trip.
  9. Yee thats what i love about it,
    its not like other drugs,
    u dont get a downer or anything when u do it
    and you do get a good body buzz,
    shrooms here is cheaper then nice bud
  10. Wrong forum, all non-marijuana related drug threads go in Pandora's Box.
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