Tried shrooms for the first time ever and:

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  1. (The bottom is long. I am trying to detail one of the best experiences of my life)


    About 20 minutes after ingestion, my friends (3) had ventured outside, beginning to feel the effects of the shrooms. My one friend chris told me how he saw the bathroom wall breathing. My other friend cleary suffered the "tryptamine giggles" and said he "felt great" I, however, sat there like "wtf I don't feel sh!t.....".

    I'm small, only 135 pnds and 5'6 in comparison to my friend steve who is approximately 6'1 170. And he was already feeling it. So at this point (30 mins after ingestion), I figured either A) My SSRI was still in my system and killing the effects B) I was just immune (heh)

    So I decided to go upstairs and lye down, figuring I'd chill and see if theyd work or just get some sleep if they didnt. Then things started to come about slowly. I began to have a "light" feeling; similar to something youd get from holding your breath for a long time.

    This is hard to explain; however, I began to take notice to all my vital functions. For example, normally, we don't think about our breathing, eye blinking etc. But all at once, I became aware of everything. The television that was on, my breathing, my heart, the saliva in my mouth. I'm still doubtful so I get up to go to the bathroom and the light feeling that I felt before is magnified 3fold. When I take in a breath, I feel sort of like I am floating.

    Once I got to the bathroom, I noticed the walls were slightly moving and the intricate colored-tile floors were trading places. Kind of like they were playing tetris. "Well, finalfukinly I thought".

    The next thing that was odd was the hallway I went down while i was en route to tell my friends they were kicking in. It didn't move nor do anything "trippy," however it seemed as though it were lasting forever. To me, i must have been walking through that hallway for about 5 minutes (this hallway would take you about 30 seconds to get through).

    My friends are acting all wierd downstairs. But they have this glow to them, and whenever someone would move, ther'd be a tracer. Kind of like what a Window's OS mouse does when you put a tracer on. I began to talk to my rd, and that's when I KNEW I was coming up.

    His speech would become abnormally fast in bursts and when it did, his face would gain a redish-orange hue to it. And the lights would blink. I looked around and the same would occur for everyone. It was odd though, no matter how fast they would talk I would comprehend it all. I comprehended other conversations in the distance as well. It was as if my mind gained the ability to have it's undivided attention to many different things. I understood everything around me. It's hard to explain in words.

    I then felt a powerful surge of energy. Like in bursts and the walls began to breathe. I quickly retreated to downstairs where it was dark. I ran into our lounge, and noticed that it was significantly larger than Id remember. That surge of energy Id felt now transformed into what i can only describe as THE GREATEST HIGH OF MY LIFE. It was energetic yet relaxing at the same time. Everything that happened from thsi point on was in fact trippy.

    The trip:

    I noticed that if I breathed in deeply, I made the place I was at larger, but when I exhaled, the place woudl contract.

    I never understood synasthesia, but I was experiencing it. there was a very odd feeling in my limbs, more so than just the lightness. But I could taste colors and taste things with my hands. I could taste blue and I could feel it. It felt and tasted didfferent from red. Once this began to happen, I ventured upstairs again, which again seemed like an eternity and expanded and contracted with my breathing. The walls and stairs began to move slightly, sort of like I was surfing.

    My friends were in the hall laughing and giggling. My one friend steve pointed at me and luaghed and when I blinked he was right infront of me. Now bear in mind, at this time I see this hall as VERY long and he is in the FAR corner of it. He is wearing some sort of hat with a logo that moves in a circle. I laugh and I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head, and theres like a heat feeling there. Like my eyes felt liek they were being warmed. I opened them and I was infront of my door which I kicked open.

    It was moving, and I felt an UNBELIVIABLE high. I walked to my stero and turned on The Doors (the end). The first chord was amazing. It sent tingles through me. I could feel/taste/see the music. I cannot explain in words. The music seemed encompassing. Almost as if I were inside the music and it was around me. I laid on the floor and just listened and my room got bigger and bigger. I thought or am I getting smaller. I looked around and my room seemed larger. And it was blinking in accord with the music. Again, I felt that heat in my eyes. Whatever color my room blinked I tasted and felt. They were warm feelings.

    I layed on my bed which was to me atleast 20 ft away. I closed my eyes and the forest part of "the end" began to play. I felt liek I was in a forest with my eyes closed. My bed was eveloping me. I felt as though I was sinking into it while I saw this forest around me. I understood this though. SOO many thoughts were rushing through my mind and everything was understood. This made coke look like the Pinto of "a good rush".

    There was like a reason for every song that followed. And a color/texture/feelings. I felt so many feelings at once. So I ventured outside my room to find that the hall had grown again. This time it blinked with the colors of the music. A friend appaeared of nowhere and began to talk to me. I noticed my speech was uniteligible.

    A week before this I had watched "Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas". Theres parts where the guys are talking slow and their movements are slow, especially when they took LSD/MESCALINE. Id never felt that. But damn it hit me now. I felt like my speech was so slow and no matter how hard I tried to speak inteligbly, i could not. I blinked, my friend was gone. and the long vacant hall was vacant once more.

    I ran into the shower, and it too was larger and expanded and contracted. The white lights were now an assortment of colors. I reached to turn on the shower handle and noticed my hands gave way to huge tracers. my movements would have tracers of different colors, which I tasted. I truend on the water, and spewed out colors. I showered in it and felt so many emotions at the same time. And this incridible high took me even higher. At this point i ventured back with my friends and they were all tripping but not as hard. I saw their faces seem as though they were melting. and their speech sped and slowed down at various intervals. I could understand them tho.

    Well, I could write forever, tons of things happened in what seemed to be days, but only was 5 hours. Everyone here should to try them. The spores are legal you know :wave:

    My Summary:
    1) Synasthesia up the yin yang
    2) Understanding of everything and everything has purpose meaning
    3) TIME DISTORTION/DIALITION. Damn...time is just f*cked up. It's like father time is doing uppers and downers at odd times.
    4) The greatest body/mind feeling ever (Like the best weed and the best coke in one)
    5) Expansion/contracting of places
    6) mild visuals
    7) mild/medium auditory hallucinations
    8) DEEP ASS connection to music and any sound around you.
    9) Application of ideas/thoughs to everything that happends around you.

    10) ONE NASTY ASS-SMELLIN SH!T the next day...whew...

    PS. These are great, but not very social at medium/medium-high doses. I noticed that people I didn't care for too much would make me uneasy. and i could taste their displeasure. it's a nasty feeling/taste/sight.

    Also, they can't be dont too much. With as intense as it is on time/space dialation/contration it could make u mad if u do them alot over a short period of time I'd imagine....
  2. It's good to see people writing analytical and retrospective summaries of their trips. It's a good way to learn one's self. Good job bro.
  3. That was probably the biggest part. There were times where I could just calm every thought I was having and just meditate and take myself into myself. Kind of hard to explain in words (I got so tired of reading that on erowid but it really is hard to explain).

    Definately recommend it to people who like introspection/mediation/learning in general :)
  4. Wow, that was a fun read. I love experience reports. Sounds like you had some awesome mushrooms.

  5. Thanks for the report, mushrooms (and other like drugs) are truly amazing. We as a species could learn a lot through them.
  6. damn, now I really wanna try shrooms. ive always wanted to but am too scared to try anything new. I like sticking with weed because I know all about it and how much I can handle and whatnot.
  7. that sounded amazing. glad you had such an awesome time. my first time with shrooms will be coming this summer. I can't wait. :)

  8. Yeah im kinda in the same boat as you, I really want to try shrooms but I want to know that I would be able to handle myself and dismiss any bad feelings or whatever in order to keep my trip good. Even though I have read TONS of experience reports and articles on erowid and other sites, I still get a little nervous when thinking about trying them. But reading a trip report like the one above just makes me want to go for it.
  9. I am extremely greatful for this post, because tonight will be my first time doing shrooms too! I'm happy it went well for you, and I'm surrounding mself with a lot of positive aura for my first!
  10. hehe have fun, ruman. I've been wanting to try them but I still haven't seen any popping up around here yet. I'm guessing it hasn't been raining often enough for them to grow, but hopefully soon. I live in southeast US and there are tons and tons of huge cowfields around with cow shit everywhere. there are bound to be shrooms eventually. i'd rather not pay for them if I could easily find them.
  11. Did you feel like it changed your or your outlook on life? Do things look differently now than they had before?
  12. sounds like you had a lot of fun... i had a similar tripa while back.. next time i do it i am gonna keep a tape recorder on me to record thoughts and stuff...
  13. Very nice dude, i love this reviews hehe, sounds like you had an interesting time haha..

    +rep bro.
  14. Yes, it did and this was the most valuable part of the experience. The greatest thing about it was the speediness of my thought. Yer it was all comprehended. Time seemed to slow down. So my meditation and such seemed like it lasted forever. THis was a good thing.

    I feel that I am better in tune with myself now; I understand why I feel certain ways around certain people. I understand why I sometimes doubt myself and I feel more confident in developing my abilities (which I doubted were postive things about me before hand). I could detail more; however, I feel that I'll leave this general as it will vary from person to person.

    About being afraid and sticking to weed: this is MY OPINION, please decide on your own.

    Think about weed. Think about all the bad things you heard about it before you tried it. "This is your brain.....this is your brain on weed" "Reefer madness". However, when the time came, you tried it. And probably later on found out on your own or via sites, that alot of these negative effects are BLOWN WAY OUT OF PROPORTION or alltogether nonexistent.

    Now, you enjoy weed. I doubt any of you are unable to think (unless you're high right now :p), have went mad, or fried your brain. You enjoy the occasional toke/vape/bong rip. And your life has NOT suffered like propoganda says.

    Same with shrooms. Once you experience it, in my opinion, you will see that it is harmless and extremely enjoyable. If you are worried, do not start with a high dosage. I read repeatedly that a dose to push the evelope is a full 8th. I only ate 2.5 grams. I had the most introspective/learning exprience thusfar at college that night. I was so comfortable, that I even went to my room alone ( i know this isn't recommended), but i did not freak out.

    There are MUSTS I suggest anyone follow:

    1) Be comfortable. Be ready. Be happy. Whatever your current mood is will be magnified. As Said, you will feel it, taste it, see it. I had much much more than a good trip. But I was in a great mindset. So, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED.

    2) Chew the hell out of them. They will taste nasty yes. Make sure you chew whatever you are about to swallow so well that it is mush. Your saliva helps breakdown the shrooms, and will save your stomach in the end. My friend had horrible nausea (same size as me). The difference was I chewed them and he swallowed them in large chucks to avoid the taste.

    3) Decide a pleasant enviornment. Don't pick tunes that naturally make you uneasy because your friends like them. For example, I cannot stand most gangsta rap. When I heard it on shrooms, for brief periods, my trip was unpleasant. When I put on some slow rock, I had so many thoughs and beautiful connections with the music that transcend normal listening.

    4) Make sure those around you have the same goals for the trip as you do. For me, I wasn't doing this ALL FOR FUN. 2 of my friends just wanted to get "f*cked up" and for me it was much more. They just looked at patterns etc. They felt the most intense high of their lives, but they weren't interested in the spiritual realm of it. I was, so I ventured off.

    5) MAOI such as Syrian Rue are known to aid shrooming. It will make it more intense. However: MAKE SURE THAT WHATEVER MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING DOES NOT COUNTERACT WITH MAOI's SUCH AS ANTIDEPRESSANTS AND SSRIs It will leave you very sick, put you in a coma, or even kill you. IMO, just eat more if you want it stronger. Dont even mix.

    6) IMO, cannabis does nothign when your on shrooms. The shroom high is so strong u don't even notice any diff. Save your weed for after. MY OPINION THO.

    7) Don't Drink alchohol.

    8) Enjoy. These aren't something you do nor can do everyday.

    ALso, inform yourself.

  15. There is much controversy about how cannabis affects a shroom trip. For some people, like you, it does no more than a cigarette would. But the last time I did shrooms I only took a little (less than half-eigth), I had a level 1.5 trip i'd say, that lasted 3 hours. I was with 2 other trippers who had taken more than me, at the 4 hr mark we all started coming down, with no more visuals. I took 1 hit of weed, and it blasted me up to a level 3 trip almost 2 min after i took the hit. My other friends who had only taken the mushrooms completely came down, but I was tripping balls. The unexpectedness of it made me freak out sort of, and I tried to sleep off my trip (which was useless :p) which kindof sucked because I didnt take time to look at the visuals and shit as much as I shouldve.
    I think, by what i've read about this that generally, if you're already in a level 2/3 trip, smoking wont do much, but if your trip is weak and/or you're coming down, smoking weed will intensify it.
    I think its important for ppl to be aware, because I didnt expect to trip again, which made me freak out a little.
  16. Mushrooms are amazing
    Crazy story
  17. dam nice story +rep i wanna do shrooms
  18. i was 100% sure i posted on this topic....hmmm guess not??

    well thanks for the report man, i ALWAYS enjoy reading trip reports, always fascinate me. Your story has encouraged me to look for some booms for this week :D
  19. hey +rep for that cool fuckin story

    i feel your excitement, bro, i tried shrooms for the first time last weekend. shrooms is probably the only drug where peoples' experiences are so similar, imo. i knew exactly what you were talking about hahaha but that shit about the breathing and the everything getting bigger and then shrinking hahahah man you were trippin
  20. haha man that happens to me all the time.. im like i know i posted in this topic.. but where!

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