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Tried hash first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deep Roots, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. #1 Deep Roots, Jan 5, 2013
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    Still buzzed, smoke right after 3pm with my buddies older brother. He had a g of hash( I think maybe bubble or whipped bho??) and we smoke .4 between 5 people and everyone was coughing their asses off and was stonnedd lol, I was. Like I felt like a milked 2 or 4 dank snaps at once. It smelled like a q of some dank in its jar and tasted soo fucking good; defiantly going to buy a g soon. Was very sticky too but could handle it enough to crumble a piece onto a bowl; btw we hit it on top of some no name dank out of a 13 arm tree percent bubbler. Sorry if this is confusing haha I'm so tired too and it's hard typing all this in my iPhone. Anyways stay stoned blades and bladies, peace.

    Deep Roots

    EDIT: That piece was .7/8ish i think, idr really lol
    and he said it goes for $40g or $100 1/8 which is a steal aint it? haha

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  2. Nice hash maaann
  3. What do y'all think it is? Like what kinda hash? It was very strong smelling, tasting and melted and bubbled onto the bowl pack, so gooood. I'm hooked on concentrates now :D

    Deep Roots
  4. Bump

    Deep Roots
  5. if anyone tried to sell that as "Hash" in northern europe they'd get laughed at :p
  6. Over 30/g is not what I will pay unless its oil/wax
  7. It's 30/g around here for BHO from the club in san diego but I wouldn't pay 40 a g for hash honestly
  8. 15-20 a g for hash is fair I think. Maybe 25/g if you got some really dank shit, kinda hard to judge dankness of hash but smell, stickiness, and smoke will usually let ya know from my experience
  9. Hash here in Florida is like 20 to 30 a gram, and it's pretty nice but he doesn't give you price cuts the more you buy, it will be the set price no matter. It's the hash rule, I guess.

  10. holy shit. im dying
  11. 40 a g is pretty shit. I suppose it may take you more than 4g of weed to make a g of that though. iso hash is 85 euros a gram in the dam.

  12. Is that hash laced with gold mate?
  13. Looks like some Buddha's ear wax!
  14. That looks like bho more than bubble.thats a decent price for bho fepending on potency
  15. I pay 20/g here I am for FLOWERS.

    Bullshit if anyone would sell a gram of BHO for less than a lot round these parts...

  16. Yeah he said the dude he got it from smokes BHO all the time and he got to try a dab on a real dome or skillet, and said he was crazy fucked up lol, coughing for 15 mins.. I coughed prettty hard when i hit this stuff and was verry baked, like extreme body high and was zoning out super hard :smoking:..and im starting to get a tolerance, so it was definitely better than the dank iv been smoking on the past few months.

    So should i buy an eighth when he gets some more? He said it could possibly be BHO oil next time. I gotta find a cheap oil rig first, it's nice on bowl snaps but i wanna experience the whole concentrate experience if that makes sense haha
  17. I used to sell bubble in mass for around 30/g so that's usually what I expect to pay myself for grams of it. Oil on the other hand was a lot more expensive, anywhere from 60-80/g.

    Don't get me wrong, oil is the tits, but if I had to choose I'd much rather spend the money on bubble hash because it lasts a lot longer and still gets me wayyy more stoned than flowers

  18. Yeah i didn't think about that, always i'v been reading up on Bho and read budder, whipped bho, looses potency wayy quicker and also smells alot stronger(dank) Maybe this is what this is and why its in wax form? Im new to this but already love it :D:smoking:
  19. That's true whipped oil that budders does lose it's potency relatively quicker than stable waxes or shatters but from what I've heard you should be good to smoke the budder without any noticeable loss in potency for about a week or two.

    Personally I don't have the most experience with oil. A lot of what I know about it is from GC and other online sources. Having said that, I made a batch of BHO once from like 3/4 of an oz of a friend's trim (his dad was about to throw it all away :eek:) and it came out pretty decent. I didn't whip it (very much) though, I just let it purge over a hot water bath for a longass time. It ended up coming out a nice dark oil rather than the wax I had been hoping for, but I guess I need a little more experience to produce that.

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