Tried going vegan

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  1. For 10 days I went without meat, milk, and eggs completely.

    The first few days, I kept feeling better and was like, man I'm going to do this forever.

    After that, I started feeling colder and noticing I was skinnier. It got worse each day.

    I checked the scale and saw that I had lost 7 lbs, mostly muscle by the looks of it, so I aborted the mission.

    I know vegans say they can get plenty of protein from beans and rice and grains and vegetables. Believe me, I ate a shit ton of all that stuff.

    Now, from personal experience, I am convinced that people are supposed to be omnivores and I'm not going to try to change that.
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  2. Vegan diet involves dropping a lot more that just that, like salt and filtered water, and is in my opinion impossible to sustain. Glad you came to your senses, meat is your friend the more fat the better.

    In Depth Look At Ketogenic Diets And Ketosis
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  3. You never realized we are supposed to be omnivores before by the overwhelming scientific data? Like look in your mouth and see that you have both incisors and molars? ;)
  4. I think we're meant to be omnivores but the current system of animal reering is detrimental to the environment
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  5. If you mean the overwhelming majority of how animals are farmed, then I agree. However, we can all make choices not to buy those products, and where there is no demand, supply cannot sell. Buy local free range and grass fed, and hunt/fish as much as possible, or raise chickens, they are relatively cheap :)
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  6. There must be a sustainable way of veganism.
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  7. Death
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  8. I'm a vegetarian.. as in, I still eat egg and milk products, but none of the by-products of actual slaughter.

    I just can't stomach the idea of having corpses inside my body. lol

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is something vegans have to watch out for - since it can only either be obtained from animal products, or synthetic means. If you weren't taking Vitamin B12 supplements, then that probably explains your symptoms.

    All in all, there really is no need to go vegan, unless you have a valid health reason to do so. Insects, lizards, mice, birds get killed during the harvesting of the vegetables that we eat, it's a fact of life. You can't totally avoid contributing to animal slaughter, but simply avoiding chicken, beef, pork, seafood, etc. is more than enough.
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    The problem was the body was getting rid of the junk that only piles up from animal products. You panicked because you were losing weight? What did you expect will happen lol.. You can gain it all back after the body is done cleaning itself but then again the body is restoring you to your natural weight.

    I know many vegan athletes that are in great shape. If you want to bulk its mostly about calories you consume. Has least to do with protein and other junk you hear in public gyms or health stores.

    Protein is the least important.. You should study well for months before changing diet/lifestyle or following a new routine if you want to see real results and true potential of a plant-based diet. There are many things you probably missed and probably due to lack of knowledge your experience didn't show the results you wanted.

    I would suggest | The Latest in Nutrition Related Research as a start.
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  10. Incorrect, B-12 is from soil and is found in sea vegetables and nutritional yeast. Meat eaters have been found to be more deficient then Vegans in B-12. Mushrooms and root vegetables that are unwashed have been found to have trace amounts of B-12 and you have to remember B-12 lasts in the body for a very long time and is unlikely for people to be deficient. Similar to Iron and Protein, New age myths.
  11. Nutritional yeast is typically fortified with Vitamin b12, but doesn't naturally contain vitamin b12.

    Trace amounts of Vitamin b12 have been previously identified in seaweeds and mushrooms, but it's simply not enough to sustain a vegan diet without taking synthetic supplements.

    Then again, there is nothing wrong with going against nature and taking synthetic supplements. Human civilization revolves around conquering nature, either ways..... so just because something is unnatural, doesn't mean that its' bad, and vice versa.
  12. Moringa (drumstick), papaya, barley, walnut, and wheat germ have also been found to have amounts of B-12. Spirulina as well.

    If that is the case then that is why every non-B-12 supplementing vegan i know is perfectly healthy and full of life. You have to understand how B-12 functions in the body first and how little bits at a time go a long way due to its longevity.

    Well there is something wrong because our biological system recognizes natural substances and are far more compatible and bio-available to the human body then synthetics. Its a no brainer we come from nature.
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  13. Thank you all for your help. Sometimes we have to put conflicting information to the test and figure out where we stand and what seems to be right to us by experiencing it.
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  14. Soo based on only a few days of trying you're convinced we're actually meant to eat corpses. I've been vegan for a few months now and haven't noticed any bad results yet.
  15. Did you eat any complex carbs? (Quinoa, potatoes, sprouted grains)
    Also did you get any healthy fats like avocados and nuts?
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  16. Lots of complex carbs including brown rice, steel cut oats, sweet potatoes. No quinoa or sprouted grains though.

    Lots of avacodos, nuts, flax seed coconut oil.

    Vitamins including B12

    Without animal protein, I was just shriveling up. My body heat production and muscle mass were dropping like nobody's business.
  17. Lol my coworkers wife made him switch to this BUT he eats as much meat n shit at work as he can before he goes home lol triple bacon cheeseburger anyone

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    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
  18. Mmm bacon

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  19. If you don't eat seafood you had better supplement EPA and DHA omega3 fatty acids.

    I'd also check into creatine for those abstaining meat.
  20. You can get that from algae.

    Your body produces it's own creatine.
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