tried germinating seeds in paper towel

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bleh210, May 3, 2006.

  1. the towell dried out when i wasat school so i put my seeds back in my i try to germinate them again or is it to late
  2. I personally have never used nor do I recommend using the paper towel method. The tiny hairs on the tap root called trichoblasts can sometimes grow into the material. So when you remove the seeds to plant them you're actually damaging their fledgling root system. When Marijuana seeds are in this stage of devolvement they're very susceptible to shock and or an untimely death. I guess it's all about whatever works ya dig? If your towel dried out you could try re-hydrating the seeds in some distilled water for a few hour, but chances are its too late bro. Sorry about what happened. It's all part of the territory when you're just starting out.<O:p</O:p

    If you have more seeds try this:<O:p</O:p

    - Take some beans and toss em into a small container filled with distilled water, cover, and store away in warm place for twenty-four to forty-eight hours.<O:p</O:p

    - Whatever medium you've chosen will have to be readied. Soil is primarily where I have my expertise so I take a skewer and burrow quarter inch holes in moist soil.<O:p</O:p

    - The seeds will crack and the taproot will be showing its white little head. Gently remove the seeds with a pair of tweezers and plant firmly on top of the holes you burrowed. Also, gently mist every morning for the next few days just to make sure nothing dries out. I get 100% germination with this method so I'm sticking with it.

    Anyway...That's just how I roll.

    Stay green! <O:p</O:p
  3. get them wet again in a hurry. you might not be too late if they haven't yet cracked.

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