Tried E, 2c-i for the first times, questions

Discussion in 'General' started by dutchalicious, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. This is a little trip review I wrote up because Im real bored.


    Last week I went on vacation to visit a friend in NYC. We went to this club Pascha that he goes to all the time. Now Im not really into House music, nor do I frequent a lot of clubs, but it seemed like a good place to try e for the first time. Im experienced with mushrooms and salvia so I figured it would be easy for me to handle. Sure enough as soon as we get in there my buddy finds me a "white lady" I take it, get myself a water and a cup of orange juice.

    It was about midnight when we got there and I down the pill with some water. So Im just chillin, not dancing, just enjoying the lights and trying to get into the music(wasnt really happening). For a while i didnt feel anything at all, all of the people I was with were rolling hard from the same pills. It was 4 am and I still didnt really hit me, so my friend suggest I take another white lady.

    So I take another and about 2 hrs later all Im feeling is an increase in energy, like I just drank 2 redbulls or took an Aderall, at 8 am we leave and still all I feel is awake, nothing else. As were driving back to his house he said my eyes looked fucked and he could tell I was "tripping hard". Eh the only really thing I ever felt was an increase in energy.(NOTHING like a true psychadelic trip) I tried everything they said, tried dancing and getting into the music, drank a bunch of orange juice, still ehh.(Although I did find the music slightly more enjoyable and even attempted to dance) I dont know if it was something about my body or my use of other substances, but honestly I was straight up dissapointed with E. I know that pills can be cut with other substances like amphetamines or methamphetamines, dxm, anything really. But these were supposed to be QUALITY pills. What went wrong?


    So I bought a gram of 2c-i online along with a scale to measure out mgs and glass vials. It was a Monday night and we were at a friend of my friends house in Brooklyn somewhere, Sea side maybe? 4 of us took 20 mgs around midnight. We talked about our trip the whole time and we all agreed on this.

    Im going to try and describe this the best i can but like many of you know, its hard to desribe a trip.
    First of all the comeup for me was fine. We took the 2c-i hung out for maybe 10 min then went outside for a walk and blunt. About 45min to 1 hr we started to trip. It was dark and the streets were empty. There was a strange erieness about it. the streetlights made the enitre world seem to glow a red or green hue and everything just seemed to be colored red, or was more redish than normal, even the roads had a red tone to them. Also it seemed to play with my peripheral vision and I often though i saw things that werent there

    When I closed my eyes I got huge swirling Kaleidoscope visions in the shape of west coast chopper logo, twisting and swirling with huge varieties of colors. As for the high there was an intense body high that left you with just a great feeling, a strange tingling.

    The mental high was just like mushrooms, very euphoric and giggly. Cant explain it anymore than that, if youve taken shrooms and had a good trip you know what Im talking about.

    Now at 4 am we had to take one of us home. Now I know driving is a bad idea but I was having such a great trip and was so euphoric I didnt really care. The driver was tripping hard but it wasnt like an intoxicating trip, and there werent many cars on the road. It felt as though I were invincible, like if we crashed the car I would be fine. At one point it was bad when there was a bus coming on the other side of the road and the driver said "I could just drive head on into that bus and I feel like Id be fine"

    Overall I had an amazing trip on 2c-i, it was very similar to mushrooms with more of a chemical feel to it, but without any real open eye visuals, just color distortions.
  2. you didnt get e.. you probably got cafien pill. e feels way too good to just miss the feeling. you will be not as fucked up as alcohol, but feeling fucking great.

    dont know much about 2ci tho, so i cant really help you there...
  3. Did you sweat at all from the supposed e? I have had 2c-e but not 2c-i. It was one crazy trip. Time stops and you feel stuck.
  4. I dont know if I understand what you trying to say but ecstasy (MDMA) is not a psychedelic.

    You said all your buddies were rolling hard off the same pills soooooo maybe your on a medication like any SSRI's or MAO inhibitors or whatever that shit is. I know that if your regularly taking SSRI's up to 2 weeks before you roll it has a significant effect on your roll and you may not even "roll" at all. Im just throwing shit out there I dont know if I'm even right but uhhhh I'd say maybe try again at home or something in a few weeks. You said you werent really into house music and clubs so maybe it was just your mindset that didnt allow you to "roll"
  5. I was just saying that it seemed everyone calls e tripping where I was, and it was nothing like what I expected a trip to be based on other things Ive done.

    And yea they were definately good pills, the people I was with were amazed I wasnt rolling. I havent been taking SSRI's or MAO inhibitors so I know that wasnt it. Im definately thinking it had something to do with the setting and my mindset. Or I have some freak condition where Im immune to mdma.

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