Tried DMT for the first time yesterday...

Discussion in 'General' started by invid, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Well you can also call it the ayahuasca mix. I did it with my buddy and I followed the erowid extraction process and used 16gs of bark and like 6 grams of syrian rue since it was for two. My friend and I drank it at the same time and for 2 hours we both just felt a little body high and a little nauseous..just when we thought we were over it my friend puked and from then on he started tripping out. I was still in the kinda body high phase still so I made myself puke. I didnt really trip out at all but I know it had affected me somehow..its really hard to explain. You feel like you know what your purpose is and I was energetic the whole night..kinda felt like a coke high except I never came down and I wasnt really spraked. So basically I only consumed 8s of bark and 3 gs of syrian thinking this was too low of a dosage for me so im gona bump it up to 12gs of bark and 5gs of rue next weekend. Anyone ever feel nothing off the min. dose?
  2. anyone?
  3. sounds like quite a fun time... *cough cough*
  4. DMT is a highly illegal drug and it\'s definitaly more intense than what you said. And it is audio and visual for a short ammount of time, then you cannot remember anything about it becuase your brain tries to erase the memory of it, after a while, so you have to write down what happend real quick
  5. what if you tripped balls and dont even remember.

    I always thought DMT was a synthetic crystal like thing that you smoke.
  6. What you felt doesnt sound like a DMT trip -at all-.
  7. I\'m pretty sure that wasnt DMT, DMT is the most powerful hallucinogen. You would have experienced a lot more then just a little buzz.

  8. i\'m actually gettin 5-meo-dmt in 3 days, hoody hoo
  9. You did something wrong.

    DMT hits you hard and fast and then its over.

    While each shaman has his own secret formula for the mixture (with probably no two exactly alike), it has been established that true ayahuasca always contains both beta-carboline and tryptamine alkaloids, the former (harmine and harmaline) usually obtained from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, and the latter (N, N-dimethyl-tryptamine, or DMT) from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis bush. (There may be variations among plant species, but the alkaloids are always consistent.
  11. How did i do something wrong if my friend that took the same thing tripped out but I didnt?

  12. Are you sure thats not just the case with smoking dmt?

  13. your right... partly. DMT is a chemical that is sometimes extracted and dried into powder form so you can smoke it. its found in like the b. cappi root if i remember correctly. also in some types of toads.
  14. DMT is a crystal form but it takes awhile and is kinda hard to instead I made the ayahuasca mix..which has the same high etc but just lasts longer (about 30mins)
  15. do you smoke that?

  16. Yeah I think you freebase it.
  17. i havent done it for a longtime but for real you can smoke it right out of a pipe with a screen in it if you hold it sideways when ur hitting it and dont pull through super hard

    ahhh, another hour and the mail comes hehehe
  18. DMT is completly new to me could someone throw me a crash course in how to collect and extract it. It would be much appriacted
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