Tried Ambien for the first time tonight

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    It was actually pretty fun, i really had zero idea of what to expect since this is one of the very few pharms I havent experienced yet.

    me and my buddy just walked around and bought cigs and smoked some quality herbs and just chatted about random shit. it was hard to walk most of the time, but I didnt care. It feel s sort of similar to benzo's but not quite.

    the visuals are very subtle and for me consisted of a lot of peripheral disturbances and shadow people running around the dark streets hiding under cars. but it wasnt scary in any way, just funny.

    all in all it was definitely enjoyable, even at a low dose. Me and said buddy have access to a lot more of the 10mg pills for free, so there will be more experimenting to come, i'm aware of the blackout effects so I will try to limit myself, but no promises:yummy:
  2. just be careful its easy to blackout and go completely crazy on ambien. ask me how i know this
  3. yea
    one of my coworkers took ambien and the next thing she knew she was in jail with no memory of what happened. she had gotten in the car with no ID, wallet, nothin. ended up getting a DUI and wrecked her daughters brand new car. so just be careful. u kno?
  4. I tried to stay awake on one once. It didn't work for long, but while I was awake on it, felt a lot like a good joint to me, but with the effects listed above.
  5. really??? the other night i took 4 5mg ambiens. did not even make me sleepy, i took them round 7. watched tv played some ps3 and went to bed round 2, woke up for work the next day at 6-630 just fine, its like it had zero effect!
  6. Its weird ambien seems to be hit or miss.

    I took ambein once and was completly fucked up hallucinating bad.
    and another time i took Zolopidem (generic) and all i felt was a little bit of benzo type buzz.

    Both times were 10mgs

    Shits weird man. My friend described the trip as somewhat like shrooms without the colors, but deffinitly the morphing and I would agree
  7. Yeah it definitely effects everyone differently. The friend i was with felt the effects a lot stronger than me, thus seeing more shadow people, which was extremely distracting while we were trying to smoke a bowl :smoking:

    and one other effect that was definitely noted by both of us was the off equilibrium, we both attempted to make it across a balance beam in the shape of an "S" at some playground. It took us both around four tries to get all the way across, and for some reason we both agreed that we must complete it before moving on to do anything else. It was definitely an interesting and enjoyable night.
  8. Yeah , I remember I took 20 mgs of Ambien and smoked a blunt before school one day. I still can't remember the first half of that day which is kindof scary. People said when I was talking to them my eyes were going all over the place. The only thing I remeber was my friend he kept laughing at me. I was wondering why , and I kept asking him why. The next day he told me it was because my eyes were completely twisted.

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