Tried acid for the first time

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  1. so friday night (i know, its like 3 days ago) but anyways, my friend is on acid, so im like, gie the number man!! hahah so i call up this guy, and he tells me 5 bucks a hit, so i meet up with him and buy 4.....for my first time ever........then i remember its my friends b-day, so i save it (it was liquid LSD in some coca cola) so i gte to his house and down it right soon as it kicked in i LOVED it......but then my friend did the worst ran around the corner on all 4's and then did some shit makin me think that he was some monster ripping my ski n off bit by bit.........i start cryin, thinkin im dyin and yellin stop....

    then like an hour later i remember how to cool people down from a bad now im chillin, watchin the walls melt an change colors a bit, the mixing was fuckin awesome and i loved it

    then saturday night, i got more (about 3.5 hits) cuz we bought 14 and split it between 4 people and my other friend did shrooms) i loved it and found the meaning to life, and cant, CANT explain it......itss so impossibly hard to explain.....

    OH MY FUCKIN GOD....jus got a call sayin a close friend is in Valley Drug Overdose Center, dunnmo what drug, how he is or im gonna go..........later guys.....ill continue this story....if i feel like its so hard.....jus, hope hes ok
  2. wow man harsh........................keep me posted:(
  3. yeh, if you like LSD you should read V for Vendetta, they have a scene where one of the characters is tripping on LSD while in a Nazi-style concentration camp and at first really regrets it before he finds the meaning of freedom later on during the trip.

    Reading that was the closest I came to wanting to try LSD, but I'll try shrooms first. If I like it, I'll consider LSD more seriously, but I need to have true hallucinations. I don't know if hallucinogens of that strength are for me simply because I do have some severe psychological problems, plus I have enough visuals in my head while sober, let alone high, let alone high on hallucinogens, so who knows what kind of fucked up shit I'll see?!

    I'm going to try shrooms at the end of this year, my roomie JUST ordered spores!!! :hello: and they should be arriving this upcoming week.

    He's going to innoculate them in about three weeks (he's going away for a while, so he's going to put them into storage for a week or so). So we should have shrooms in a month or two I'd say. Since he's more experienced with this shit obviously, I'm going to be his sober sitter while he tests potency, and then that way he can tell me how much to take for my first time.

    That sucks that your friend freaked you out while you were tripping, but that shit happens man, at least you were able to calm yourself down.

    And I'm sorry to hear about your friend in the OD clinic :(
    He can't be in their for LSD, shrooms, or pot so the only things he could be on are opiates, cocaine, or amphetamines . . . unless he did something more rare than those. Let us know how he turns out.
  4. i havent read the book, but ive seen the movie....didnt show that part though...

    ive done shrooms, but i liked th acid so much more, it was intense and fun at the same time, ki felt like my smile was swallowing my face, and that my friends eyes were so dialated that would soon make his whole head into one huge pupil lol

    yea, shit does hppen, but it was cool....i was jus like "oh man that was INSANE....but you fuckin suck at life hhahaha" it was cool over all though....

    i got a call from my friend, it turns out he did alot of those devils flower?? i dunno, also called jims weed (i think?) or angels trumpet, i didnt know he did them, but i knew he downed half a bottle of bacardi i thought he jus had alcohol poisoning....but hes cool now, he can actually talk and makes sense (i thought he was jus super runk, but it didnt make sense off only half a bottle for him to be talking nothing, bu still be able to stand...?

    but he pissed me off, scared the fuck outta me...but i guess i jus gotta get him some acid (cant smoke, probation) but going to sleep after a nice bowl to calm my nerves and shit......later

    EDIT: this is the flower, ive done it many times.....but i guess it doesnt mix with alchy?? i dunno, i tried X when on it, and didnt feel it at all....oh well, i know to stay away from it....even though i did it and nothing happened .....oh yea, i also did the X and the devils flower with the same guy who was in the OD clinic for it.....its crazy
  5. that's fucking datura, don't touch that shit man. datura is strong in DMT if I remember correctly and has commonly been associated with witchcraft . . . so has jimsen's weed, which causes hallucinations strongly associated with having insects crawling underneath the surface of your skin.

    While that shit does get you high, it is strongly associated in the shamanic world with dark forces and I refuse to touch that stuff for that reason alone. I don't care how high it gets you, I swear that stuff has some sort of association with the devil.
  6. haha.. I believe we have located a christian fundamentalist.
  7. me? nah, I just believe that there are definately forces out there that we can't understand and we should respect. I've heard too many bad ghost stories about datura and witchcraft and generally believe that there is supernatural evil out there . . .

    Don't get me wrong, I'm probably just being paranoid, but still . . . if you ever read about Datura in Daniel Pinchbeck's "Breaking Open the Head," you'll see what I mean.
  8. meaning of life is to live it up before you die

    thats all there is no other meaning
  9. meh, you could easily (im just saying, im not preaching) not believe in things having inherent evil or good about them...instead youre stabile mind may choose to percieve the effects as such once you have experieced them.

    the ultimate mystical has the ability to "direct" (as you can not control intense experiences) the trip towards an afore-planned goal or perspective.

  10. Thank you all knowing one.:rolleyes:
  11. I agree that people should experiment during their lifetimes, but I have a list of drugs I will never try:

    MDMA (Ecstasy)
    Opiates (opium and heroin, save in medical cases)
    Cocaine (I've tried Mate de Coca, that's good enough for me)
    Jimsen Weed
    2cb and other synthetically derived tryptamines (DMT included, but I'd be willing to try it in it's natural form, ayahuasca)

    I don't make distinction on "natural" drugs per se, it's just that some drugs sound evil in nature to me, datura and opium are the two biggest ones that I fear simply because I believe they leave an evil spirit on its user for the rest of their lives that generally affects their fortune. I know, it's superstitious, but that's just the way I am, I'm superstitious about certain drugs.
  12. Jimson weed is part of the morning glory family. From what I understand, the seeds are what you take to get high, but the dosage can be a tricky thing... one too many seeds and you can overdose. I've never tried eating the seeds from any of the flowers in this family. I don't want to find out what that limit of 'one too many seeds' is. Overdosing isn't a high priority for me...:p :D :cool:
  13. "jimson weed" is a member of the Datura genus (D. stramonium). When you hear people refer to "datura", they're probably talking about that specific plant. Datura does NOT contain any DMT, however -- it has three different anticholinergics in it (not fun).

    And, infiniteawesome, it's sort of odd having a phobia of synthetically-produced DMT, considering it's the same exact chemical that your body produces and contains right now. Plus, I think tryptamines tend to be quite the safe drugs....
  14. the article that ColonelsPride posted about the Amerikan LSD essay thing mentioned Jimsen's weed and how it was, in his eyes considered a hallucinagen whereas shrooms/LSD are psychadelics. it was an interesting read, but he puts down the jimsens weed in a way and i highly respected the article, meaning i most likely wont ever try the jimsens weed

    back to the OP
    that is fucked up your friend was messing with you like that acting like a monster(or mayb u just thought he was) but good to see you calmed down. I hope your other friend is ok
  15. Datura

    Family :

    Genus :

    Species :
    ceratocaula; inoxia; metel; stramonium; ...

    Jimson Weed; Devil's Apple; Thorn Apple; Stinkweed; Devil's Weed; Malpitte; Moonflower; Toloache (D. inoxia)


    Datura is a woody-stalked, leafy herb growing up to 2 meters. It produces spiney seed pods and large white or purple trumpet-shaped flowers that face upward. Most parts of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine. It has a long history of use both in S. America and Europe and is known for causing delerious states and poisonings in uninformed users.

    Datura has nothing to do with morning glories by the way. I can't believe how many people just go around spreading false information. STOP IT.

    Anyways, Datura is dangerous. It poisons you, and it can be fatal. Clearly, your friend has hopefully learned this lesson. I'm glad he's okay. Now be a good friend and make sure he doesn't do it again.
  16. more info:

    Jimson Weed is a common weed along roadsides, in cornfields and pastures, and in waste areas. Datura stramonium comes from the family Solanaceae, the potato or nightshade family. The plant is native to Asia, but is also found in the West Indies, Canada, and the United States. Of the more than 12 species, Datura stramonium is the most common type found in the eastern United States.(2) Many names have been given to this plant including: Jimson Weed, Locoweed, Angel's Trumpet, Thorn Apple, Devil's Trumpet, Mad Apple, Stink Weed, Sacred Datura, Green Dragon, and Devil's Trumpet.(2,4)

    Although exposure is sometimes unintentional by gardeners or farmers, its toxic effects are seen most commonly in teens, who intentionally misuse it for its hallucinogenic and euphoric effects, while presenting with serious illness or death from its anticholinergic properties.


    Datura stramonium is an annual plant. It grows 4 to 6 feet tall and has dark green, long stemmed, lobed leaves which exude a foul odor. Its flower whic blooms in late spring is usually white, sometimes lavender, solitary and tubular. A four lobed, thorny, green seed pod fruit ripens in early fall. Each lobe contains 50-100, 2-3 mm, kidney-shaped, black/brown seeds.(2,4)

    All parts of the plant are toxic. They are ingested, smoked and absorbed topically especially through mucous membranes. The exact concentration of specific alkaloids varies with species, cultivation, environment, temperature, moisture, and storage. The range of toxicity is highly variable and unpredictable; toxicity may vary from leaf to leaf, plant to plant and season to season. This contributes to the danger of misuse of the plant since the dose cannot be predicted.(5,7) The highest concentration occurs in the seeds: approximately 0.1 mg of atropine per seed or 3-6 mg/50-100 seeds.(4) An estimated lethal dose in an adult is >10 mg atropine or >2-4 mg scopolamine.(5)
  17. In 2003, a German student known just as "Andreas W", from Halle cut off his own penis and tongue with a pair of garden shears while under the influence of datura. Neither organ was re-attached successfully.
  18. There were some big medical words in here that I would have had to look up, but this post makes everything else moot.
  19. [quote name='infiniteawesome']I agree that people should experiment during their lifetimes, but I have a list of drugs I will never try:

    MDMA (Ecstasy)
    Opiates (opium and heroin, save in medical cases)
    Cocaine (I've tried Mate de Coca, that's good enough for me)
    Jimsen Weed
    2cb and other synthetically derived tryptamines (DMT included, but I'd be willing to try it in it's natural form, ayahuasca)


    Jimson Weed and Datura are the same thing... MDMA is fun man, read up, its not bad as people make it out to be.
  20. You really should read up about drugs and talk to people who have previously "experimented" with them before you make any assumptions regarding the drugs you will or will not do. Cocaine, to begin with, isn't all that great, so if you ever did try it, it's not like you will get addicted to it unless you did it for months at a time. And regarding Heroin/Opium...Many ppl have the wrong impression about these drugs...just because it's heroin it does not mean you need to use a's a quote:
    "Heroin is very addictive but does not itself cause any
    serious illnesses, nor does it harm any organs or tissues"
    Dr Ben Goldacre
    Methadone and Heroin:
    An Exercise in Medical Scepticism

    and look at this:

    "To our surprise we have not been able to locate even
    one scientific study on the proved harmful effects of addiction"
    Dr George H Stephenson
    University of British Columbia
    As far as damaging, "opium" does not have any physical or mental effect (vs. weed which does have a physical effect on your lungs) on your health, besides the addiction, which isn't as bad as its brought out to be, like in the movies...(that's only if you inject that stuff). So, I hope maybe this has opened your eyes some, thats what i'm here for...

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