Tried acid for the first time

Discussion in 'General' started by WesleePipes85, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Must say I loved it. Only took one tab since it was my first. Couldn't smoke any bud though because i'm getting drug tested soon (been sober for a month). Next time i'm doing 2 tabs, and then 3... but knowing how often we get acid, each time will be spaced pretty far apart.

    It was pretty insane, took the tab at 5:30 pm, went to a restaurant at 7 with 3 others (2 of them were also on one tab) and ate a ton of food, it's cool because our friend is a waiter there and served us... and we usually smoke with him and his managers out back while he's workin. Anyways after that we went to a party where about 25 other people were on acid, about 35 people all together. Everyone but us had just taken theirs so while they were coming up, we were at our peak. Very interesting night. The dude's couch was movin in and out while I was sitting on it. :p
  2. lucky mother fucker i want some acid so bad and all i get is jerked around when i try to get it......... lousy dealers dont know shit
  3. Cool party, reminds me of my 18th bday where there were like 20 of us shrooming at a friends house, good times.

    I bet you had a hard time falling asleep, eh?
  4. Nah, we didn't leave the party till 4:30 am, I had long been coming down, and was tired as hell.
  5. compare acid with shrooms?

    EDIT: lol go and look at my sig.
  6. i totally agree with your sig..... i dunno y but it was something about tom that sold it for me
  7. havn't done shrooms. Only pot and now acid.

  8. I don't get it?
  9. it's from a good ass song, thccrystals.
  10. crazy bill hicks. download third eye by tool and listen up.
  11. Can anyone give a brief description of what tripping on acid is like?


    Check out the experiences under LSD.
  13. I've taken one tab and zoned out when all the lights were off and shit. Kept going on vision-quests. Then I took 3 tabs in rapid succession and just kinda floated. Acid trips arn't very intense for me. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be, but it's not much of a drug in my personal oppinion.

  14. First 30 min - 1 hour you feel increasingly stoned, like gitty stoned (a la 9th grade). Then you start to trip. You may find things that aren't funny, funny. Music will take on a whole new meaning and you will hear every single part in every song that you have just passed over while sober or high(on say, weed). You will see lots of floating color patterns, sometimes stagnant, sometimes moving spinning morphing etc. The whole time while tripping you have this (hard to explain) overall feeling that can only really be described as 'tripping.' I dunno, you just feel weird and high. I noticed things taste very weird. That's all I can think of right now.
  15. I'm much afraid of acid, to be honest. I've enjoyed light trips on shrooms, and I love getting high!

    Acid seems so serious... you know what I mean? If I try it once will I be compelled to continually try it? Does it have long standing effects? i've seen Erowid, and they don't really say anything BAD about LSD.

    Personal experiences? Preferrably from people who have only tried it once and aren't too familiar with the effects.

  16. Acid is great. I've done it twice. In my opinion, i think it's something that everyone should experience. Okay, well to answer your questions, i would have to say that one you try acid (depending on what kind of trip you have. in your case i don't know if it would be a good idea to try it since you say you're afraid of it, and that can trigger a bad trip) you will want to do it again. I defiently wanna get some more, but i can't find it around my area. LSD really isn't that bad for you. Physically, no damage is done. Mentally, you can have some problems... but that's only if you have a bad trip, or you take too many hits. I dunno, i think bad trips are overrated. I think a bad trip is more of waht you think than what you see. When you're on acid, you think about some fucked up things. Some of the things i thought of scared the shit out of me, but so many thoughts are going thruogh your head at one time, it's hard to concentrate on just one. Like i started to think about 'why we are put on this earth' and 'what would happen if i stopped thinking' and just stuff like that, and it scared the fuck outta me, but then i looked over at my friend and his face like melted, and i started laughing uncontrollably... fun stuff.. I'd say try it, but just be prepared for the unexpected... you never know what your mind is capable of.
  17. I guess I should have said it differently. I'm not AFRAID of acid. I'm super curious about it. But I'm afriad of what can happen after, in the long run. Acid itself seems to be incredible. But I don't want to jepardize my mind over something silly like that, Well, not silly... you know what I mean.
  18. trying it once won't affect your brain in any severe negative way. If you don't take too much, and you're in a good mood, you'll have a great time.

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