Tried Acid for the First Time...

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  1. Well boys and girls, I've finally consumed acid. I'm no stranger to psychedelics, but this is the first time I've been able to find some really good acid from a reliable source. It came from Cali and through a connect in Chicago, was a small sheet bearing the image of Jerry Garcia.

    I bought a single hit (it was WAAAAAY overpriced, 20 a hit! But that's what quality goes for around here) and my friend gave me another for free. It was a little celebration before he went back to Ann Arbor.

    I consumed the first hit as soon as it came in my hands. Was 2:30 on a Saturday and I just got done jamming with some potential clients in the studio. By 3 I was at my wooded retreat preparing for the trip with 3 other friends. Got some Vitamin C as recommended and sat on the patio waiting for the first peak.

    I decided to take a shower while I was waiting and that's where the first effects hit me. Instantly the hot water felt so good flowing down my body, I've never felt that clean before. It was kind of funny in retrospect, staring at the ceiling in the shower laughing my ass off. Also got the first visual, the glue on the shower door was moving in a peculiar pattern.

    After the shower I went back to the patio and hung out. The group was just talking, having a good time - occasionally breaking out into fits of giggling for no apparent reason. Drank about a 6 pack in half an hour and barely felt buzzed.

    Everything looked and felt so alive out in the woods, it was just a total marvel to watch everything interact. Between peaks we would walk out on the trails and admire nature. When the peak was heavy, it looked like the trees and grass were growing before my eyes.

    During one of the last peaks we went inside. I got into the reclining chair and stared up at the ceiling texture. It's layered in a flowing pattern and I got a really groovy vibe just staring at it. Not 10 minutes in, everyone else was doing the same thing haha.

    Part of our closing ceremonies for the night was a giant mural drawn with chalk on the driveway. My friend's got a picture somewhere, so if I find it, I'll post it.

    The last peak died off somewhere around 11pm. At this point we decided to cook a feast and have some drinks to end the night. It was a really cool experience - I was quite surprised at how subtle the acid can be at times while still being trippy. I'm definitely trying this again if the opportunity knocks.
  2. Once you start dosing up acid doesnt become subtle much longer lol... becomes a shit storm of tripping lol... glad you had a good time... next time do some acid but dont drink... enjoy it for what it is... maybe dose up...
  3. I don't know any connects in Chicago dude, and even asking for them around here is looked down upon. Got my shit from a friend who had it mailed to him, sorry.

    I would have bought more, but was a little low on cash. I probably won't see any cid like this until next year - but next time I get some, I'll make sure it's worth it.
  4. Yeah man completely spaced on the terms and conditions, my bad. Won't happen again.. :(
  5. that one special day hopefully comes soon for me!
  6. Sounds like a good trip buddy the first is always the best imo.
  7. awesome!!! :D i'm always pumped to hear about good first acid trips, happy for ya dude!

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