Tried a different method of did it work

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  1. Never being real good at germinating seeds, hit and miss that they start to grow, I tried a different method.

    I took small drink glasses, filled them with around 75 degree seltzer water that had sat long enough not to have bubbles. Our water is pretty acidic, so did not want to use tap water.
    Put two seeds in per glass. Started 8.
    I put the glasses in a aluminum pan on top of our security dvr (so no water spillage issues), covered the pan with aluminum foil to keep it dark. The cabinet lets some light in.
    The temperature in the cabinet is right around 81 degrees. (dvr records a lot)
    Within 20ish hours every seed had a small root coming out.
    I was darn impressed.

    They are in soil now, waiting to see if they pop their little heads out of the soil.
  2. Interesting, I thought that most seltzer waters were pretty acidic but I've never measured. I've only sown seeds directly in soil and had 100% germination rate. Best of luck on your grow.
  3. I didn't test the ph, probably should have. Our well is 5.4.
    For once I had 100% germination, instead of no growth at all.
  4. Carbanation of the drinks cause it to be acidic I'm pretty sure

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