Trics color?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by toseeit, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. So hairs on some buds most all orange. Under scope trics are not amber yet though and around 60% cloudy maybe less, so does that mean wait??
  2. Wait a little longer until all/~80% of the trichs are full-blown amber.
  3. I like to harvest when the trichs are at about 40% amber.
  4. All clones from 20 different mothers all white russian, may I say it is a great strain and takes in bloom very high nutes with no issues at all!! I am at 1870ppm with Botanicare Pro Soil Bloom nutes in hydro system and I added Bud Candy and Overdrive just for the fun of it.. Think I will try Humbolts es for additive next grow, heard it was better but I digress, The orange hairs are not what I am looking at then right? the over all bud trics need to trun amber right? Really hard to see them with my little micro scope but works ok I guess. Some of the buds, not all, on a few of the plants have pulled hairs in and are rounding, as that is the only way I know to describe it, with orange hairs.. The smallest buds on the weakest limbs/plants, are all orange but still trics not really amber on those either. Biggest have still most all white hairs and most still sticking out... So also question, is a bio for this plant that says 65 day flowering mean from show of hairs or from 12/12 start? I am thinking from 12/12 from what I have seen.. One more question. I am planing now at day 45 flower to instead of a flush just top off every day with water no nutes, it goes down by 1/4 every day so think by the 65th day should be mostly diluted to no nutes, sort of like flushing,?? Thoughts??? Damn I type a lot.. Sorry.....:wave:


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