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  1. I will look into a 20$ one. Can’t spend 100$. Still gotta order one more driver to get other qb288 up.. I’ll try to get some good pic of of full plants, buds and close up. I’ll have them posted between 730-8 tonight after lights on
  2. heres some pictures of when to harvest by looking at the trichomes,luck with ya plant/s,mac,,
    when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram (1).jpg
  3. Ik thisr pics. And understand. I did have a question somewhat about clear cloudy amber awhile back. My thoughts was if u get an indica do u still have to wait for tris to turn amber. I ran across this. Makes sense. I’ll send pic but here is what guy said and he had been doin. Buy the type of strain u want to get the effects u want. Then harvest when tris are cloudy for EVERY STRAIN
  4. as you see by the chart i put up here its not CDB but CBN that THC turns in to as it ages,if you want a bit of amber thats ok ,because with no Amber the buzz can some time be a bit racy and some people geta bit of Paranoia ,,,,mac,,
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  5. M
    Mmakes sense to me. Buy the effect u want and harvest at highest thc time
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  6. after a few grows under ya belt ,you'l sort of get to know how you like your highs etc ..but then again every strain is different so how you harvest sort of changes when you harvest ,,mac,,
  7. I have 10 different strains of seeds. I will test it. I plan on taking clipping for clones off each seed I grow. I’ll harvest at a lil different times
  8. I’m a situational smoker. I only like heavy indicas at night or rainy days I’m gonna be on my couch or bed all day. Prefer for creative talkative giggly highs
  9. Hey, just to correct that post up there, THC and CBD are both degraded to cannabinol (CBN). CBD is a special cannabinoid that requires a specific enzyme to be synthesized (CBDA synthase). THC does not become CBD.
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  10. yep as i said in my post above THC does not become CBD ,,,mac,,
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  11. All
    all That’s over my head atm lol. But I did read that thc don’t degrade. It transforms into.... I’m already overloaded with growing Info lol. Haven’t made it to reasearching stuff like that yet
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  12. sorry I missed that post
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  13. no worries mate ,just keep on growing and you'l soon learn whats what ,and as long as you enjoy you smoke you cant ask for any thing more,,, grow for your self and you wont got wrong if you like your smoke you only have yourself to please ,,,,mac,,
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