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tricks with smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by btek, May 13, 2002.

  1. Do you now any tricks with smoke?
  2. heres sum i know....

    -French Inhale (breath smoke out yo mouf, in yo nose)
    -Breath smoke out then back in your mouth

    -Smoke Clouds (open mouth and move away...smoke stays in dense cloud where you were)
  3. Rings are cool but who know how do it.?
  4. Smoke tricks are best done with cigs, as especially at first, the more smoke you keep in your mouth, the better!! (which is a waste if using HERB! lol)

    For rings,take as big of a drag as you can, Round your mouth out,while "sucking" your cheeks in. Then using air from the back of your throat(kinda' make a quick "O" sound) make quick little Pushes, forcing small amounts of smoke out at a time.Try keeping your mouth as round as you can, but not too small, size of opening is the hard part. :smoke:

    I hope this makes sense, as it's hard to explain how to do it. If someone you know can do it WATCH close, it helps get an idea of the shape you need to hold your mouth in. Good Luck, and have fun!! :D: :D: :smoking: :hippie:

  5. thats called the "gangster inhale"
  6. nope the snoop inhale.
  7. <~~blew rings thx to cowboysaxman....major thx
  8. It worked for ya?? Waaaay Cooool !!!!! Now just keep practicing, and you'll be able to vary the size of the rings, by changing your mouth opening size!! :D: :D:
  10. One of my favorites is what we call a WuTang its a rip off of a shotgun but is very cool to watch the smoke as it looks like its a river of smoke. You first fire up a fatty then get your hands damp (this helps the smoke stay along your hands and keeps it nice and dense) then take the pinky sides of both your hands andput them to gether like your waiting for an offering then bring your hands ina V shape while your pinkys are still touching try and make sure there is no gap between your hands. Now your ready flip the joint or blunt around in your mouth like you were gonna give a shotgun and blow the smoke at the base of your palm towards the tips of your fingers(where your friend is waiting to suck the smoke off your hands) the smoke will stick and slide across your hands like water this is soo cool to watch while you get a hella big hit. Hope you enjoy this I know I do when someone will actually do it.


  11. it's also called a "ghost inhale"
  12. Thx cowboysaxman and TrippieJ81 for the tricks they are cool
    Who knows more?
  13. To do a french inhale, simply pull on a joint or a cig and fill your mouth (dont inhale) then move your upper lip trods your nose and inhale from your nose.
    Very simple.
  14. i cant do any tricks whatsoever but my best friend can bust them all day, french inhales, rings, clouds, like a dragon shooting smoke from both the left and right side of his mouth (pisses everyone off that sits besides him) i've heard of people shooting smoke out of there eyes and ears. thats insane.
  15. i can do the french inhale, rings ( i've learned to make my rings go really far and wide, i can shoot one ring through another too).
  16. i have this trick, where i inhale as much as possible, and then constrict all the muscles in my lungs and throat involuntarily, forcing all the smoke out very rapidly, i call it the ouchieohshitmotherfuckerhellyeahohgodflop
  17. hahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahah, love the name
  18. I thoguht the french inhales were the snoop inhales, like in the vid "Snoop Dogg", he's doin that. Anyways, I can do the french inhales, smoke clouds, rings, and only once I did this, I made a bubble (from bubble gum) with smoke filled. Kinda cool when it popped, but I do all that with cig smoke. I do wanna try the bubble again with weed smoke, thats if I ever smoke again or stay sober.

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