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Tricks to improve the strength of the smell and taste of my bud!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by BDubBud, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I know that the nutrients help with bud growth and somewhat on the taste and smell of your buds. I also have heard that bat and bird droppings help with the taste and smell of your buds in the end, which i have been useing because my nutrients have that in them. Ive also heard that sulfered and unsulfered molasses improves the taste and smell of your buds by like 5 to 10 times. Im about a week or so from my 2nd harvest and the first was good. The buds looked dank and the taste was smooth, and the high was very stoney. It also had a little fruity smell, but i just wish it was stronger smelling and taste a little stronger, which it was a little sweet. What are some TRICK of the trade that will help me achieve this?????????? I hope to hear what i can do in the last few weeks to improve the part, because it seems this is all im technically lacking. Please help and i can't wait to hear from yall. peace and love to thoughs who show it through everyday life.
  2. There are a few different nutes you can use but i have been using a brand called cha ching for 3 or the last 4 weeks of flowering. Check it out! made my buds swell and increased smell a little. Hope that helps but take a look online and you may be able to read up on a few different kinds of nutes. I like eco garden for supplies but its totally up to the person. good luck
  3. If you cant afford advanced nutrients bud candy.

    which you probably will be able too, unless your growing like 40 plants its worth the every penny

    if your not using bud candy, unsulphered molasses should do the trick as much as anything else, feed her molasses every feeding by one tablespoon/gal ratio

    give her the flush of a lifetime at the end
  4. Floralicious. fox farm big bloom, these products add good flavor... bat guano will also...

    To get the buds more potent get your rh as low as possible, low rh causes the production of trichomes,

    hope this helps...
  5. I use all organic worm castings and fish fertilizer so I can't comment on nutes for flavor, but after extensive testing I think the organic version of the same strains seem smoother (the debate rages on). I have been experimenting with pressure infusion using carbonation and citric acid/fruit flavors with some impressive results. So far, Berry/orange Blackjack and Orange/lemon White Widow (yum).
  6. hey i decided to go ahead a take one clone. i dried it for 5 days and then put it into jars.i ave been curing for like 4 days now and decided to dump the buds out to see how the smell was progressing. is there a reason that one bud off the clone would smell very very good, but the rest still smell green??????????????????/

  7. Because plants don't always work the way that we want them to...;)

    Seriously, why not just do a good flush at the the end of your grow to make sure you have the most natural taste? Run water through your plants at the end to make sure that you're flushing out any of the chemicals that you've used.

    It's a cheap trick, but it really does the job.

    Adding Bud Candy will improve the taste too, helping things taste sweeter than they might without it. You don't have to use the full dose either, so just try out a little to see how your plants do

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