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Tricks To Do With Smoke/ What To Do While Stoned And Alone.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sashimi Roll, May 25, 2013.

  1. So. I'm currently Stoned off my ass. My friend left, and now I'm alone. I've been wondering how to do tricks with the smoke, so if you guys know any, post 'em. I'm also wondering what good things to do. So far, I've just sat here and listened to really filthy Dubstep. Thanks in Advance~

  2. Only ones I really know are smoke rings and french inhale. Idk I dont really do smoke tricks so I'm not sure.
  3. Ive had multiple people tell me they've seen somebody blow an old school pirate ship out of smoke im like get the fuck outta here, you can tell me about it all day but i can't ever see somebody do it?
  4. I can do smoke rings, snap, and french inhale. I really don't know of anymore. They are all fairly easy, but like anything else just practice them. Otherwise if you are alone just watch a movie or something. I love being high as hell with a bowl of cereal and watching a good movie or tv show.

  6. All I can really do is a french inhale.  Playing video games and listening to music is pretty awesome to do when you're stoned.
  7. Go for a walk, look at Trippy videos on the Internet, doodle (you'll make some interesting drawings), play an instrument, build a pillow and blanket fort, take a shower, masturbate, make food, and/or play with pets. Do 3 of these and it will have been an eventful day.
  8. Watch Monty Python or The Mighty Boosh. If you're into British humor that shit is hilarious when you're high.
  9. So. I'm currently Stoned off my ass. My friend left

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