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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrSpanky, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Im postin this here in the seasoned tokers forum so I don't get the same answers I always hear.

    Got an interesting original trick? Or wat method do u use to hit weed thats not traditional (bong,J,blunt,pipe,knife,etc)?
  2. when i had first started i didnt have a piece as you all know.. know papers or anything like that of which would making smoking easier. so i had about a joint of bud on me and decided to try something that nobody i knew knew could work lol. and wlel of course i didnt know it would either but thats what experiments are for right? :p but ya i would put it on my glass table and light it and then inhale it when it smoked up. it worked as wlel as anything else i used.. just dont inhale it close or you'll get a mouth full of embers and ouch..
  3. for a lighter i use hemp line dipped in beeswax.. no butane waterproof.. and it saves the flavor. another trick.. with your bing, once you snap your ganj, wether ash is still in the bowl piece or not, turn it upside down, against the downstem and suck.. any and all residual chronic in the bowl piece is now out, in the water and ready for a next hit. ** make sure you clean out your bing can develope a gross infection due to old bong water!!**
  4. Greetings,

    Only two methods I will mention that are not widely known about. I've mentioned these in other recent threads in the Seasoned Tokers sections, but I'll reiterate.

    1. The Cup Method - This is used to smoke hash. Your hash needs to be of a specific consistency for this to work write. It is very difficult to achieve with bubble hashes and works better on something like Dutch Moonshine or Afghani Hash or Pressed Pollen (I highly recommend an OG Kush). Pretty much you use either a sewing needle that has been punctured through a bottlecap (so it will stand vertically) and put a good size globule of hash on the end. You can also use a shirt button in the same way. You then bring a flame to it until it catches and immediately blow it out. It should now cherry on it's on, billowing nice big clouds of smoke. You then use a large pint glass and put it over the billowing hash, letting it fill up. Then use a straw and tip the glass and inhale deeply. This is a nice method because it allows the smoke to cool slightly and will prevent you from wasting too much smoke. Be aware that the surface it is on as well as the glass will collect reside and require cleaning. Video here.
    2. Simple Vaporizer - This is a method that is interesting but I don't particularly recommend. It's decent for herb, but better for extracts, honey oils and budder. You simply purchase yourself a type of free-base pipe, usually used with meth. You then hover it above an open flame (preferably a candle, because it takes a minute or two) and play around until you find the precise distant from the flame where the substance heats up JUST enough to vaporize but not burn. You then inhale. This method is particularly harsh and because of that I no longer do it. Maybe some of you younger cats will have better luck. It is also a pain in the ass to clean, even 98% isopropyl alcohol has a tough time getting these things clean.

    If anything else comes to mind, I'll be sure to post it.

  5. is that true? we used the same bong water for almost a month straight, it never got dark just a light yellow and only chronic/dank was ever smoked in it.
  6. There is a heightened risk, yes. Inhaling moist air that has had ample opportunity to breed bacteria and other organisms will certainly heighten your risk of contracting a respiratory infection. Same way living in a damp basement will increase your risk of respiratory infection.

    Clean, fresh water is your best bet.

    But on an anecdotal note; I've seen bong water be black-brown and almost sludgey.... I asked if we could roll a joint instead. :p

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