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Tricks from the PoPo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ksaul, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. they'd prly just buy from a dealer, not sell to you.
  2. as long as you dont go around saying "do you have any marijuana to sell" you should be fine
  3. actually this might be okay since you arent directly asking for it
  4. Yeah, I learned some shit about this 2 years ago in school, I just don't remember what it is called.
  5. Haven't you seen cops? Theyll do it both ways...usually its with crack though not buds. And alot of times they try to get people to sell other people up the river...or "catching the bigger fish" as the police like to call it.
  6. Cops will set up a big deal and then bust the fuck outta a buyer, cops might not flip the actual product but when u come to pick up mad DEA will be on you.
  7. they most certainly try to sell people "drugs."

    i've seen it on cops, as well.

    it happened to my boyfriend and a couple of his friends also, a few years ago. they were going to buy xo's from someone who turned out to be a cop.
  8. I wonder if that guy is actually a cop. If is not based in the us there is probably no fucking way the feds or the locals would ever get personal information.
  9. They better fucking not!

    I doubt he was a real policeman, he probably would have answered my question about his views, or commented on what I replied about the herb. Either way, I'm not scared of some cop on GC trying to use scare tactics. Scare tactics are the oldest trick in the book. ;)
  10. cops can do basically whatever they want, they know most people don't know their rights, its all a psychiological game they play. Whether its being the buyer or seller, it doesn't matter they have been known to be both ( i know this from wtching cops lol )
  11. ive seen episodes of COPS where they went to the big dealer in the hood, bust him, then use his pick up spot to bust the consumers as well..fuckin babylon
  12. unless you live in some buttcrack town where theres nothing ever happeinng cops aren't going after marijuana that much they only go after dealers who make things suspicious as having a bunch of people making short visits if you dont do that then your fine

  13. I may be wrong but don't we have a corrupt justice system that will keep them their badges and everything?
  14. I heard in a video that entrapment cases also dont hold up very well in court.
  15. #35 Reno.eNVy.466, Aug 31, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2008
    Nope your right it is entrapment. Out here in nevada there are a lot of prostitution stings where under cover female cops are on the streets, and they can not say anything really otherwise its entrapment, if they say anything about sex for money the state will consider it entrapment. Same idea with weed or any other drug. Basically the cops can just say the same thing in both cases and thats "are you looking for anything in particular" or something along those lines. If the 'victim' of the sting does not say that they want weed or sex for money straight up the cops dont have anything.

    Edit: PS. Fah-q, it really depends where you are, here in Nevada they do stings and stuff all the time, trying to find undergound gambling dens, (since weed is a felonly here) stings for weed and many other drugs, as well as a ton of prostitution stings. Since they do so many stings, they have a pretty clear cut deffinition of what entrapment is. In other states there are many different laws and im doubt many states do as many stings as Nevada so there isnt as clear of a line as to what is entrapment and what is not.
  16. Dude I saw a manswers show abotu to find out if a prostitute is a cop or not. All you have to do is ask them to do a photoshoot of them naked, if they agree: they are legit. If they disagree: then its a cop.

    Also if they mention price right away, their a cop.
  17. I know this next quote isnt dealing with drugs, but it shows cops acting like dealers, then the buyer getting arrested.


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