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Tricks from the PoPo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ksaul, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. would they setup a deal where they act like the dealer and try to arrest the buyer?

    (ex. i go to meet someone who supposedly sells, and we work out a number then money is exchanged and in return i get arrested, but no pot is involved.) does this happen?
  2. Doubt it,
    they really don't care about personal stash smokers,
    they would much rather use that time to pretend to be a buyer and set-up a
    deal with a dealer...
  3. No, they are always the buyer. They always have to be getting the product.
  4. Yea thats called a Narc...they have em in highschools now a days so watch out if you ever find someone trying to "buy some weed" in school. They won't pretend to be the seller, only the buyer....and thats mainly for harder drugs anyway....

    Edit: ^^^ yea exactly radio, its not illegal wanting to buy drugs
  5. I've seen so many old COPS episodes where they sell it to the person, and then they impounded the vehicles and make the arrest for purchasing drugs

    So I'm gonna have to say yes.

    Edit: If theres no drugs involved, then your ok.
  6. If a cop sells you weed then they are breaking the law and they can go to jail.

    That's why the undercover cops that pretend to be prostitues don't actually fuck the john.

  7. thats what i was gonna say....i saw an episode where they raided a dealers house where people bought out the window...arrested the two dudes inside and then stayed inside all day and arrested mad heads who went to buy...except one big strong dude who saw something was up when it wasnt the normal guy inside the window and fuckin bounced.....
  8. usually all they car about is the sellers but i just watched a show called vice cops where they arrrested a guy for tryingto buy 2g's worth of weed so i would still be careful
  9. haha i was just watching that episode.
  10. Actually,
    it is illegal to ask for drugs,
    I believe the crime is called "conspiracy to purchase a controlled substance"
  11. they set up stings but I doubt they would bother setting up deals. too much time and effort. they could just stand on the street corner were dealers are known to hang out.
  12. from experience with being arrested 5 times, cops wont ask you if you want weed but they will watch a house that they believe a dealer is in. they will set up contolled buys from this dealer by sending in under covers orrr these "narks". they have to build a case against said dealer/house before being able to raid it they dont just go in on someones word or on a chance. so they sit around the hood in random cars, usally their own vehicles or un marked cars never a actual police car, and watch people who come stop at the house. they watch for 1 person going in and 1 or more staying in the car, they watch for people running into said house n not turning their car off, bassicly just very short visits. once u leave that undercover will follow you while a marked police car gets behind the undercover (sometimes even 2 under cover cars), they will follow you till you do something wrong (no signal on turn, speeding, not stoping for 3 seconds, ect.) you be surprised on how easy it is to get pulled over if a cop really wants to. ive personaly made it all the way back to my friends house to have a van a car and 2 marked police cars pile into the driveway behind us saying we were speeding and they knew we had shit on us. the cop car will leap from the under cover and hit the blue and reds(also happened to me) if you play it cool they will to but there stil gonna search you n if you did just buy they will find it usaly. the time they piled into the driveway behind us i had stuffed the bag in between the bucket seats in the back the cops searched couldnt find it and then called the dog and started ripping things outa my friends car that i finaly said "JESUS MAN ILL JUST GET YOU THE BAG"

    i have gotten this info straight from my towns police that arrested me (3 times for possesion in 3 weeks from the same house, and this is what happened to me. i also used to play in national paintball leagues with a statey and a local cop who i burned around before every tourny and they would tell me things and also helped me out when i had 3 cases going at once.

    now this is not to say that every towns police will act this way but it is the most common.
    i to saw that episode of cops where they stayed in the house all day n busted every guy that came to the window, but they were just showing up un announced, i think it was so long ago that there were hardly cell phones at the time.

    sorry for the very long post, but if anyone wants to know more about what will happen PM me i can explain to you more if i tried probably.
  13. i may be wrong but isn't that entrapment?
  14. yea they cant ask you, youd have to ask the cop for shit. so they would be posted up on a street like some thug or something. a good way to avoid buying from a cop is to not approach random people on the streets that you think might be a dealer.
  15. Thats what happened on COPS!
  16. yea lol, i hate cops...but yet i just cant look away when its on...
  17. You'll all be in the slammer soon enough.
  18. damn pig!
  19. #19 MidwestKind, Aug 29, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2008
    For what? Smoking an herb, and talking about it online? That would be really sad if we ended up in the slammer for that! I would think we should make more room for the rapists, murderers etc....

    Why do you hate us for medicating, and relaxing? I get too inebriated when I drink so I do the safer drug out of the two. I think thats being responsible.

    Think about it! It's an herb that grows from the ground, not a drug we chemically altered to get us high.

    Whats your opinion on MJ Officer Payne? Please give some reasoning of your own, not what you were told by your Police Chief at the drugs 101 class.

  20. you got it dead on

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