Tricks for running electric cords inside box?

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  1. OK, so my box is built (5'x4'x6') and I'm ready to start growing (my firts time). I've got most of my gear but I have two silly questions for someone who knows.

    1) what is the best way to run my power cords from inside the box to the outside (keeping in mind the fact that I want to keep it light proof).

    2) I have a 16" osc fan ready to mount inside the box and am wondering where the best place is to mount it? FYI, I have a air cooled hood that will be moving up and down inside the box. Should I mount it near the bottom or the top. 16" seems big for my box size but I'm just following the advice I've recieved from the guys in the forum. Thanks as always.:eek:
  2. I would just make an opening anduse duct tape to cover any lightleaks

    You want to posistion your fan so all plants are hit by the air during its oscillation.
  3. Use rubber grommets for wires
  4. rubber grommets? I'm not exactly sure what you mean?
  5. Looks like a cork made out of rubber with a hole in the middle. Like This

  6. oh! I get it...but how do you fit the plug end of the cord through a small hole like that? sorry if I sound stupid, but I'm new to this.
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    In most cases you have to detach the wire and put it back in the plug or w/e. I've seen some plugs with some rubber hosing around it and you could pull it off and separate the two halves as well.
  8. I just cut a hole and stapled some black plastic around the hole. Then I run my cords though there and seal it up with a velcro strap.

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  9. Cool! Both are good ideas. Thanks Dado, Fattard and g monster. I'm good to go.
  10. Wire your fans/outlets into the junction box located outside your box. It will retain any light and you can simply wire your 110v plug into it or power as you like, even put a switch in.

    If you use clamp type BX connectors it should be relatively light proof.
  11. In addition to these ideas, you can run your cables through your light-trapped air intake...
  12. More great ideas... thanks moto823 and toastybiz you have given me some great options, it's nice to have a forum like this to help us guys new to growing. PEACE!

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